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January 29 2010

When Forrest met Caleb. Leonard Roberts will guest star in a two-part episode of "Castle" to be aired in consecutive dates on March 21st and 22nd.

Was watching an older episode of NCIS ("The Truth Is Out There")yesterday and noticed one of the actors was someone I recognized from Buffy, and it was Leonard Roberts (Forrest). What made it more fun it that it also had Brian Thompson (Luke and The Judge from Buffy) playing a Navy Chief Petty Officer.
This means Castle will have had the trifecta of the Initiative guys, the 3 main soldiers Gramham, Rielly, and now Forrest. I don't think that has ever happen before.

Now if Nathan could get them to cast SMG for an episode or an arc, that would be almost perfect.
I think it's the cosmic-dots. It must be preordained that the "Joss actors" will eventually criss-cross the entirety of the entertainment world. I'm surprised nobody has created an algorithm...Or at least a website that connects the dots. Does that exist? "The Joss Whedon Actor InterWeb."

For one of you tech-savy go-getters, starting with an easily gathered master list of actors should make the task easy. (Please send me a link when its done ;)
"The Joss Whedon Actor InterWeb" would be fun. I like it. Heh. I personally would like to see it also include the writers and other behind the scenes talents, since so many of them have gone on to influence other projects.

Hmmm... "The Joss Whedon Co-Creator Interweb?" ;) That would pretty much manage to include everyone I think.

Of course a project of this sort will inevitably lead to Whedonian Trivia drinking games... or perhaps a board game with a finely crafted, hand painted pewter stake, strawberry, and printy chair game piece. So... good idea, yeah?

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