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January 29 2010

(SPOILER) Matt Roush reviews the series finale of Dollhouse. Minor spoilers for the finale included.

I'm refusing to read it, I want to remain unspoiled. I would however, out of curiousity, like to know if it was positive or not.
They liked it.
Wonderful! Thankyou my dear sir.
It was aliens all the time? Really Joss?
The last shot of Epitaph Two is Joss turning off the lights whilst shouting "SUMMER!".
I also don't want to be spoiled, so...

Was it "I liked it. 7/10" or "I loved it 10/10" or somewhere in between. (And I know there isn't an actually x out of 10 here. Just using it to make myself clear...)
I thought the finale was Joss staring at the camera for 45 minutes (due to the lack of budget).
Eh. Wait and form your own opinions, I think. This reviewer isn't sure how fans will like it. But they liked it.
Ekk! (Peeking thru fingers, curses cheating heart) Just a few more hours, just a few more. But, I can't resist.....must fight the urge...just a few more hours. Ekk!
But in the event of the lack of budget, he can be facing the camera and Summer came to kill him with a pencil.
I bet it ends with Faith waking up from a dream and heading off to slay some vamps.
Riker, I think I'd wet myself from joy if that's the end. Please Joss, give me that soul-removing moment of happiness.
"Summer came to kill him with a pencil. "

Due to budget cuts, the part of the pencil will be played by Summer's brain.

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