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January 29 2010

5 things I'll miss about Dollhouse. A list from Popwrap at the NY Post.

I will miss our weekly episode discussions the most I think. It was nice to have a re-invigorated fandom discussing a Joss tv show. Five years was far too long a gap.
I'm with you, Simon. I wasn't able to participate here in the weekly discussions for any of the earlier series, and I'm going to miss that kind of exchange, particularly given the high level of discussion that has gone on here.
I just count my luck that I had Dollhouse to fuss about.
I agree. One of the greatest joys about this fandom has been reading the insights and arguments that a Joss show always engenders.
For me it'll be worrying about ratings and the timely broadcast of promotional trailers that i'll never see, airing in a country 3,000 miles away. You can't buy those sorts of good times.

(the discussions mainly. And just the new content itself, knowing that each week there'd be - at a rough average - 45 minutes full of the potential for effortlessly substantial, multi-layered immortal lines delivered by some of the best actors on TV. Oh and those boots ;)
This is the first time I've been part of online fandom during a Whedon show, so I'll miss discussing it with other fans :(
Adding my voice to the "how much I'll miss the discussions" chorus. My fist time as a participating fan in real time, it has been sweet. And bittersweet, since the cancellation news.
I think the thing I'll miss most is all the numbered lists people keep making about the show.
I will definitely miss these discussion threads. I wouldn't read them during the episode (if I watched at home) but certainly the first thing I turned to when it was over. I was lucky enough to be part of the live discussions of Serenity from the second preview on and loved it, and the discussions after each of the Dr. Horrible episodes, but to be able to read - and sometimes comment - on a weekly basis has been enjoyable and one of things I love most about this fandom.
This is my first Joss project I've ever been able to watch in real time and I loved it, as well as being on whedonesque.

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