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January 29 2010

More details about Tim Minear's work on Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes". In an interview with Newsarama, Rod Roddenberry states that Tim Minear and Ron Howard's Imagine Television are working on realising the vision of Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes". The story features an android whose memory tapes are incomplete, and like emotion-deficient Trek mainstays Data, Spock and Q, is searching for his humanity.

You had me at "Tim Minear".
I tweaked your headline as it was revealed earlier this month that Tim was associated with this project.
It is big news for fans of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" but only at one remove, Tim Minear never wrote for Buffy, right ?

And no list of Roddenberry outsider characters is complete without Odo (i'm sure that was just an innocent error of omission BTW, even though from what I gather there was some friction between the Roddenberry estate and the DS9 creators).
Tim Minear wrote the gay Xander episode. Yes sir.
As long as Rod is for it, so am I.
Ahh... Odo. I've always had a weakness for the ever-present first-name-basis-only ST characters.
Was Q really emotion-deficient?
Is humility an emotion ? ;)

But no, I wouldn't say so. He was a variation on the outsider looking in type of Trek character though, he found us endlessly fascinating and could make observations about us that a human character couldn't.
I always loved Q. He saw humanity so coldly and he was such a great antagonist (even if it wasn't entirely malicious) for Picard. I think they tried to get into Q's actual emotions later by using tricks to give him less powers, but I think I always liked him better when he didn't have to show you his emotions or at best hinted at them. After all, don't you know how primitive and insignificant you are?

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Hey - if they were to make Questor female I could make some casting suggestions...


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