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January 30 2010

Ratings for 'Epitaph Two: Return'. Not like it really matters at this point, but...

2.2 million viewers and a 0.8 in the 18-49 demo.

Is it Epitaph Two: Return or Epitaph Two: The Return?
Woo! These ratings kick so much ass! Four more years!

"Okay, at this point you're abusing sarcasm." -Buffy-

Is it Epitaph Two: Return or Epitaph Two: The Return?

IMDB has "Epitaph Two: Return". Doubt that if you like Simon but I personally don't want to even imagine a world where IMDB isn't 100% accurate in every way. *shudders*.
Which indicates that we are in fact the only ones watching it and that we--as a fandom--have the numbers to support an HBO show.
I ask cause Fox has it as "Epitaph Two: The Return". I'm willing to give them one last chance about giving correct info regarding Dollhouse.
It's "Epitaph Two: Return". Or "Epitaph Two".
Oh Fox. You let me down everytime.
See what happens when you doubt IMDB ? Disillusionment and broken dreams.
I thought for some reason commentors would start leaving epitaphs for the show.
My DVR shows Epitaph Two: Return..not sure if that's any accurate indication.
I consider this impressive, considering that 75% of the audience didn't know it was on an hour earlier than normal. I followed the show pretty obsessively closely, and I only caught it because I happened to have my TV on in the background, and tuned to the right station.
out of curiosity (is there any other reason at this point?) how have the more recent episodes been doing with dvr included? I'm not sure where to look for this info, and I think the last numbers I saw were back from season one...
I bought it from iTunes and it has it as Epitaph Two: The Return.
Which indicates that we are in fact the only ones watching it and that we--as a fandom--have the numbers to support an HBO show.

If we, as a fandom, all had HBO. Which I don't. (and yes, there's HBO Canada.)

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Well, everyone should get HBO, if only to watch True Blood!
Hulu, which is owned by Fox (and NBC) has it listed as "Epitaph 2: Return".

By the way, the episode is currently number one in popular shows on Hulu.

Also, those numbers, while awesome only represent the Neilson ratings, and isn't indicative of how many more people actually watched. :)

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Well, if Joss' lunch with the FX guy takes off, everyone in this fandom needs to subscribe to their channel to make his new show a success.
i'm already all over fx for damages. And imo true blood is mediocre, at best. But I still watch. Anyway i'm hopeful as hell for a joss show on fx.
Um ... Isn't FX just another Fox channel? Wouldn't that be asking to get bit by the same snake ... again?
blanetalk, FX is managed completely separately by another division of Newscorp. There is no overlap between FX management and FOX management. Different rules, different management, different budgets, different expectations. So it's pretty much not at all "another Fox channel."
No FX in Canada.
I've watched all of the Dollhouse's live, but I was so busy yesterday that it slipped my mind until I was casually driving home at 8:15 and then realized my mistake. :(

But I'm not a Nielsen home, so it doesn't matter in the grand scheme. There were probably a few other absent-minded souls out there like me.
redeem, despite there being no FX in Canada, we'd get to see it eventually. I believe City-TV (if you're in Ontario/around Toronto) or CTV have carried Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, and The Shield at times (actually maybe Global carried The Shield...yeah, they did, 'cause I remember when I stopped watching it on their channel and started renting it on DVD due to a scheduling screw-up during a re-airing of Season 1 and missing that season's finale). Someone would likely pick it up. Whatever this new Joss show might be (if he does another show any time soon). I don't know if any of those Canadian channels have kept pace with the U.S. broadcasts though. Pretty sure all three of the shows I mentioned were always behind the States.

Dunno about other FX shows, what channels they've shown up on. Maybe Showcase has gotten some (they snagged Showtime's Weeds back in the day, while most of Showtime's material seems to end up on The Movie Network now).

marvelknight616 said:
"Which indicates that we are in fact the only ones watching it and that we--as a fandom--have the numbers to support an HBO show."

Not everyone in the fandom has the budget, is willing to try to budget for it (like canceling all their other crappy channels, if possible, like I always suggest), or is interested in subscribing to HBO (or any of the other premium cable channels, should Joss land on one). Then again, Alan Ball wasn't as much of a household name (despite Six Feet Under and American Beauty), but I think True Blood managed to attract a swath of new viewers/subscribers to HBO despite not being able to utilize its creator's name recognizability as much of a draw and pretty much doing it on premise and word-of-mouth alone (ads too, I suppose). So maybe all Joss needs is a concept that's as appealing to the general public as True Blood (but please let it be something different, not vampires), then he'd have more of those same (or at least similar) curious potential HBO-subscribers, plus those in the Whedon fandom(s) who're able and willing to sign up to check it out/support it and all that.
US broadcast networks matter very little if you live in a different country. TV Studios sell their shows to the highest bidders in other countries. Shows that are on NBC, ABC, and USA might all show on the same network in the UK or in Australia. An FX show might show on CTV or on Space in Canada it all depends on who the studio sells it to.

Studios operate completely from broadcast networks (for the most part) in the US and can sell shows to whoever they want internationally.
Though I do often wonder if foreign networks that are part of the same empire get preferential treatment. For instance does Sky One (owned by News International)in the UK get the first look at a show made by 20th Century Fox (owned by News International)?
Simon, there is probably some sister company courtesy that goes on, but I'm pretty sure that it still goes to the highest bidder which is why awesome shows like Sons of Anarchy end up being watched by 10 people in the UK. The News companies probably get first viewing though. I'm sure it works the same for GE owned companies and Disney owned international properties.
I'm calling this episode Epitaph 2: The Return because it flows better.
I believe some Us companies have pre-agreements with outside channels. Since the distributors are the sma that sell movie packages. Usually a Tv station can't buy a single blocbuster movie, only groups with not so famous ones in the mix (but Passion of Christ was an exception, due to it's content, was sold separated). Here, Fox seems to have a deal with Globo (24, Bones and Dollhouse), when there's no interest, the products are offered to other grups (Record has House, SBT has Terminator...) The same goes to HBO with SBT.
It seems like Sky do have some dealio with SyFy, though. Funding the first season of BSG, carrying all Stargates, Eureka and now Caprica. Things like SGU and Caprica's pick-up got announced like a year before a normal ick-up would.

Then again, it might just be that Sci-fi buffs run the channel, considering Lost and Fringe also air.
Sky's deal wouldn't be with Syfy. Syfy doesn't make the shows they air and wouldn't be selling them to Sky. BSG is made by Universal, as is Eureka and Caprica. SGU is made by MGM. Lost is made by Disney and Fringe is made by Warner Brothers. All these studios make deals in foreign territories for broadcast rights. Syfy has nothing to do with it.

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