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January 30 2010

Eliza Dushku is no. 60 on's Top 99 Women 2010 Edition. Christina Hendricks also comes in at no. 58.

Apparently she went topless in The Alphabet Killer. I watched the whole thing... not sure how I missed that...
I didn't know Christina was naturally blonde. That actually blew my mind.
It wasn't so much topless as a side shot of her couldn't see anything...and she defo should be higher than that!!!
"Back when Buffy the Vampire Slayer was still on the air, fanboys united to do rounds of shots every time Sarah Michelle Gellarís bra strap was visible on screen"

True or false? After all, we're the ones that should know. ;)
Ive definitely heard of people playing that game for the earlier seasons!
NotaViking Yep, I've heard of that, and IIRC it was her left bra strap in particular.

In fact, I think you were supposed to shout "Buffy's left bra strap!" and then drink.

Seems to me there was one for every time someone spotted Tony's ear piercing, too. (When it wasn't supposed to be part of the episode, that is.)

And there's probably variants where you're supposed to drink every time an actor's tattoo shows. (Actual tattoos on the actor, not like Faith's tribal arm tat. And speaking of...I've heard rumors that Tony has one, but don't know what/where.)

Me, I'd rather watch an episode and enjoy it. Guess I'm strange that way.
Eliza always is number one to me.

I never played a Buffy drinking game, but I'd like to. After all these years and possibly hundreds of re-watches it's a good idea to find new ways to watch it.
That recent episode of HIMYM had a drinking game I'd love to play. It was something like, everytime she [Robin] says "Um..." - DRINK! I've only played boring card ones myself.

If you had the energy to do it, you could drink every time a character (including vamps) dies on Buffy... Actually, that's awesome. I'm so going to do that.
My friends and I recently played a drinking game where we watched Life Serial and drank every time Buffy drank.

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