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January 31 2010

"Dollhouse was a great deal of fun to work on," says one of the two composers. Interview with Mychael Danna about composing music for movies and television shows.

The last question is regarding Dollhouse.

Do you have a particular creative process?
Procrastinate as long as possible, then write in a frenzy of sleep-deprived panic.

I like this man.
College habits as creative process.
I repeat myself: We need a score soundtrack. I don't understand why it has not been announced yet. "Firefly" and "Terminator" got a score soundtrack too. I wouldn't even mind if it was just an Itunes-exclusive or something. =)
Where can I beg for one where the people who can make it happen hear my pitiful begging?
The Firefly album came from Varèse Sarabande, while the Terminator disc came from La-La Land Records. Terminator probably happened because La-La had worked with Bear McCreary on the BSG albums. But given Varèse has released albums for other 20th Century Fox shows like Prison Break and 24, as well as several of Danna's film scores, I'd start with them.

Contact info for Varèse.

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