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January 31 2010

Felicia Day's Dollhouse Q&A. Felicia posts her answers to numerous fan questions on her blog regarding her Dollhouse experience. Spoilers for those who haven't seen Epitaph 2: Return.

Joss, bringin' the gay. XD
Gotta' love that about him!

Nice read about Felicia's thoughts, thanks for posting.
Oh man, I wanted to be the first to mention that it was Joss's rewrite that gay'ed it up. Ha (though that should put to rest some of the theories floated about Joss having very little to do with Dollhouse this season, just because his name was only on one script).

I also had completely forgot some of the future stuff was going to be in "Vows," initially. I have no idea how that garage scene would have tied in to that episode.
Somehow, even though I don't play, the idea she's a D&D enthusiast makes me like her even more than before. :)
Working with Zone again was very easy, because between Epitaph One and Two (cute fact) we’ve played D&D together every weekend!

May I suggest Zack Ward for season four of The Guild?
Hah, she's great. Glad to read her thoughts.
Torchwood and Dr. Who love bringing aboard real Americans right? Spares them from having to use actors who sort of distractingly fake it and over hit the Rs like in Xanderrrr to compensate? Then again maybe that's only Russell T Davies and not necessarily new Who as a whole... (Like that one guy from the Daleks Take Manhattan episode who was on Desperate Housewives for awhile as a hot poolboy for awhile and then they cast him as a pig monster?) Granted that still gives Felicia a shot on Sarah Jane Adventures/Chronicles and whatever format Torchwood takes on. (For whatever reason if she has a shot at all I imagine it'd be on a UK season production moreso than that Fox remake/spin-off Torchwood.)

Anyway, that was interesting though. Again I'm sort of surprised/pleased that there was that random lesbian element but it just seemed so abrupt that I wondered if scenes got cut where Mag and Kilo were ever onscreen at the same time before the med room. Apparently not.

And had Felicia ever brought up that Gryph subtext before? I sort of read a little of that into it but then again it could have just been since he was nominally their leader.
Felicia Day on Doctor Who, now that would be awesome. She'd be a great companion. The Doctor does seem to have a fondness for red hair.
orangewaxlion, I thought the same thing of Mag's relationship with Gryph, but now that she's expressed interest in Kilo, I could read the same subtext-y relationship into her concern over Laura's (pre-Epitaph One) death and/or Lyn's as well.
They should totally cast Felicia in the US Torchwood. That'd be awesome. (And even if they bring the whole surviving cast along to the US, that's just three people. They definitely need someone new.)

And Mag's interest in Kilo doesn't invalidate the Gryph subtext. She could be anywhere from mostly gay to perfectly bi to mostly straight, and still have fallen for both Gryph and Kilo.

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Mag mentions she thinks Kilo is cute way before the med-room. It felt surprising (because she seemed to have a "vibe" with some of the male cast in "Epitaph One") but not abrupt to me. Also, I kinda love the idea of Joss doing a "gay pass" on the script ;).

(and Felicia could play head of the LA branch of LINDA - LAINDA ? - she would kill as a fangirl gushing at The Doctor in that 200-words-a-minute style she has. 'Torchwood', I dunno. Guest spots are harder to pick for that show though they're in need of a techy in the main cast)

edited cos 100-words-a-minute isn't actually that fast ;)

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I was thinking more main cast than guest star. I want a Felicia on my TV every week. If they want to go with something similar to the original Torchwood team, she'd be great as the new Tosh. (Though I think she could also pull of a more actiony role, if they're thinking outside of boxes.)
Yeah, as I say a techy in the main cast would be perfect (though i'd rather see her in the UK one than the US remake). And I like the more actiony idea - they could set her up as meek and timid (like Tosh) and then reveal that she's kick-ass as well as technically adept. Good call.

Or maybe a former time-agent protege of Jack's ?
Or maybe a former time-agent protege of Jack's ?

That would also be cool. Especially if she got to be badass and amoral, which seems to be a trend amongst time agents for some reason.

Is the UK one continuing, in addition to the US remake? I'm slightly confused about what's going on with that . . .Last I heard John Barrowman was potentially attached the remake. Has that changed, or is there a possibility he could do both?
I hadn't heard that but there's definitely going to be a 4th series of 'Torchwood' UK (not sure if it'll be normal weekly installments or another 5 consecutive day job), the success of 'Children of Earth' over here put it from on the bubble (not from lack of popularity AFAIK, just due to expense) to very much in demand again. Maybe he's not in it but that seems unlikely (especially given how reduced the team is already).

He could do both I guess (UK series, being shorter, don't film for the same proportion of the year that US seasons do), particularly if he was only recurring in the US one.
The UK version may be on hold as RTD etc are working on a FOX relaunch of Torchwood at the moment via BBC's new LA (commercial arm) production studio. It's been shopped to FOX. FOX have only asked for an outline at the moment (despite what is reported in the press) and will then decide if they want to fund the pilot. All this happened after season 4 was mentioned by the Beeb.

And, also: Felicia should be on TV every week, and should be towards the front of an ensemble. I'd love to see her on a 30 Rockesque show, where she's also writing. I have massive respect for her.

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"Relaunch" ? So like restarting the show (maybe with some of the original cast and creators) but altered so that it pleases Fox ? Not sure there're words for how bad an idea I think that is.

(if it's just a co-produced US remake with the original creators involved then that's a better idea. And if it's 20th rather than Fox Broadcasting then better still, since it could actually air on cable where it's a much better fit anyway IMO - in the US at least)
They're doing a US Torchwood? Like, Torchwood without Cardiff? I would of course give it try (especially if it had people like Felicia in it), but boy am I not optimistic.

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