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February 01 2010

'Tell Me Where To Sign' - a fan song. Fan's original song inspired by/about Dollhouse.

Great song. It's amazing how many songs have been inspired by Joss Whedon.
I think there was also a competition about writing Dollhouse songs, after "Priya's song" was released. Hopefully, we'll get more, including one dedicated to Fox's Promotions Department.
Awesome. That girl is adorable.
Whatever happened to that Dollhouse song writing competition?
I heard that an emo band had done one music to the Angel series, but didn't recal it's name.
Oh, I loved this one!

[ edited by Sunfire on 2010-02-01 22:01 ]
angry_puppy: Twilight bashing is really not cool here. The fandoms do overlap and regardless it leads to a certain us vs. them mentality that goes nowhere good. I realize it may seem like just a joking little song but in seriousness, don't do that here.
Guess Tina Fey stopped paying blackmail to the guy who kept her "early years" vids. Check out:
Your Boyfriend Is a Deuche
NaNoWriMo Will Eat Your Soul
And learn the full name of her ukulele on "Me, You & Steve" -- Garfunkel & Oates Cover.
Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone!

angry_puppy Sorry you got in trouble for quoting my Twilight song, but I'm glad you like it.
Aww, Pointy, I didn't see your comment until I had posted mine.

Thank you so much! ♥

(And, yes, my other ukulele--not pictured in the Dollhouse song--has a very relevant name.)
Whatever happened to that Dollhouse song writing competition?

That's what I've been wondering. I put a song in for that and haven't heard anything about it (despite emailing and asking if the comp was still happening).

if it's not happening, I think I'd like to take my song back and use it for something else, since I quite like it.
mortimer, I'm in the same boat wondering about my own submission. My assumption is that they've either abandoned it since all of the promotional efforts for the show ended about two months ago, or that there is a hiccup that is holding them up. It would be nice if the organizers would chime in with an update, even if just to let those that participated know that it isn't happening.
In related, unrelated Whedon-inspired song facts: a power metal band named Seven Witches released a song called "Sunnydale High" about 5 years ago. I haven't heard it, but you can find the lyrics online. It's both cool and...well, ridiculous.
sunfire: I didn't think it was twilight bashing, it was more fireflyloving.. And the vid could be found on the same youtube page as "Tell me where to sign". But what ever, I really liked those songs live2tivo, keep on the good work.

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