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February 01 2010

(SPOILER) How Buffy got her groove back. says Brad Meltzer's writing debut in Buffy #32 "is a return to form for the series".

I disagree that no recent issues have brought the funny, mostly because of "Turbulence" which was awesome and funny. But ignoring that....

But the quality has definitely been spotty post-Time of Your Life. I quite liked Harmonic Divergence, Willow, and Retreat Part 3. I liked Predators and Prey (the issue), Living Doll, Tales of the Vampires, and some aspects of Swell and the rest of Retreat. And it might end up that After These Messages...We'll Be Right Back will have foreshadowing that will make it more interesting to revisit. Safe was the only one that was kind of a total loss (besides some thematic stuff that's nifty).
Oh, no. You said the "S" word thereby making it harder for me to pretend it doesn't exist.

I agree about the high points with, WilliamTheB. Retreat III with all the wonderful interpersonal relationships as the focus and the Willow one-shot were the highlights of 2008 for me. The others were entertaining: Retreat I was a promising start; Swell, Predators and Prey (the issue) and Living Doll had some nifty moments. Predators & Prey (the arc) as a whole wasn't cohesive enough to get it's point across clearly and Retreat kinda failed to deliver in the final issues with some duller moments early on. I think Retreat suffered from pacing issues as well as some glaring continuity errors.

But I'm glad to hear about how the Twilight arc is starting off with a bang--literally.

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2009, Em... 2009. :)
I agree that the quality has dropped since ToYL. It was never *bad* though some of Espensonís issues came pretty close, but it has been uneven and not as tight as the first 16 issues. The highlights of 2009 for me were Whedonís Always Darkest, Retreat III and the Willow One Shot. The last two issues have been marvellous and a true return to form so Iím happy to hear Meltzer continues with the great quality.
I think the magic, like sexy, never went away, but I'm enthused about Brad Meltzer's enthusiasm for this arc (as well as Joss's.)
Looking forward to the issue.
I didn't even like Time Of Your Life very much. Season eight has been on a nosedive for a while.

The first three four-issue arcs (Whedon, Vaughan, Goddard) and the assorted one-shots around them were pretty great. Everything since has been a mixed bag at best. I've stopped buying the issues on release day and am pretty close to just waiting for TPB. Hoping the rest of the season gets better.

What's interesting is the early seasons of Buffy seemed to start slow only to get great (especially 1-3), whereas the last two seasons of the show started strong, featuring eps like OMWF, Selfless, Conversations With Dead People, After Life, Tabula Rasa, etc., only to fall into a rut for most of the season. Season Eight, despite the switch in mediums, seems to be continuing that trend.
Bonzob, I didn't think much of ToYL when it was coming out (I enjoyed it but wasn't OMGZ it's amazing!) but after I did a big re-read of it a few months ago I totally fell in love with it and now it's easily one of my favourite arcs. Thereís a lot of goodness there if you can decipher whatís going on and I can only guess itíll be even stronger once the season ends and it all becomes clear.

Itís still exceptionally good even as an arc just on its own. I love Buffy and Fray fighting for their own world, Buffy destroying the scythe (a foreshadowing perhaps?), Buffyís big picture mentality causing her to forget about the small people, Future Dark Willow, Xander and Dawn making fun of the tree people ect.
The first eleven issues were great, but after that I haven't loved it as much. WATG really turned me off with Batsu, Dracula, and giant Dawn storming around Tokyo fighting a Mecha version of herself. It's surreal. PAP wasn't needed, and then the one shot after that made it a pretty long 6 months of blah. I still read them, and the comics have inspired moments, but I don't feel what I felt in 2007.
Yes, but is it as good as Vampy Cat? That's all I'm really interested in. No other comic has given me such wonderful insults as "you are giantly rotund" and "your friend is stupidly inanimate."
Pretty sure the book got its groove back in #31, "Turbulence" (and it's not like the entirety of Season 8's #20s were awful, there were a few gems or at least great moments or ideas within certain issues, IMO), but glad to hear that a few reviewers think the goodness continues into Meltzer's arc.

It feels like the season will wrap well, at least.
I've been "meh" about it since the beginning. It had a decent start, and the momentum seemed to grow but then the whole thing fell apart. I've been reading it, but ... only halfheartedly. Now with the big reveal having been majorly spoiled, I'm even less interested. I'll finish it, just to see where it goes, but I've basically written off Season 8. It seems, though, that Joss has learned some lessons from this experience, so Season 9 should be shorter and tighter.

Despite my general indifference, there have been great moments. I was just hoping for less suckitude than the series has given us so far.
This is pretty much how I feel as well. I think this lacks resonance and has gone on far too long. 4 years for one season? Not so great. And submarines? That was a serious downer for me. I, too, am just waiting for this to end, but am no longer invested at all. Not something I thought I would ever say about Buffy.
Yeah, add me to the 'meh' team too.

Been very unimpressed with this comic so far and I'd go as far and say that If I didn't know who was overseeing/writing season 8 I would never have guessed it was meant to be Whedon. I think it's an incredibly weak example of his work, considering what we all know he's capable of.

Now I'm just hoping they're hurry up and get the the flaming point already.
I thought there were good issues in 2009. I really loved Predators and Prey (the issue), Living Doll and the first three issues of Retreat, especially #28.

I wasn't a big fan of the Willow issue, I guess because I'm starting to lose interest in the character. She's too larger than life for my taste. Buffy, Xander, and Dawn will always be the highlight of S8 for me.

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