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February 01 2010

"Drones" reviewed by Variety. "Its deft farcical performances, witty script and sure-footed handling (by two thesps-turned-helmers) could attract a cult following via fest, DVD and possible cable sales."

There are also pictures on their Facebook page.

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When a Variety writer coins a phrase that a classically trained actor cannot enunciate, the newsroom erupts in high fives.
Not to be prissy or anything, but Amber's last name is spelled 'Benson.' Just a heads up.
Ah, in the tags. Wondered what you meant for a second.

The film does sound cool. May have to get hold of this one on DVD as and when.
Fixed it, thanks.
after watching two previews, I *really* want to see this film!
It does look extremely good.

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