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February 01 2010

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty discusses Buffy season 8. Nothing real spoilery, if you've read most of his Q&As with SlayAlive, or with any site really. But I tagged it just in case (ETA: Sunfire just brought it to my attention that the preview pages for #32 does warrant the tag).

There's some pages from #32 so the spoiler tag is correct.
Yeah...forgot about those... so I guess I was subconsciously aware of what I was doing... :)
You were also subconsciously aware that what goes on in those pages is just plot-free riffing on a theme. ;)
I only spotted one, but whenever I see a typo in an article it totally takes me out of the piece the rest of the read.
Jeanty: "One thing I can say I am grateful to Joss and company for bringing Buffy into my life, as any true fan will tell you, once you've immersed yourself into the show it's impossible to come out unchanged! That little blond cheerleader has a way of getting under your skin..."

Amen, brother!

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