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February 01 2010

(SPOILER) IGN UK reviews Buffy Season 8 #32. Some mild spoilers about what to expect, but no big reveals. Very intriguing, though. Though Comic Book Resources' review was more mixed.

Agreed,very interesting.
As I've stated before, the true star of this series is Georges Jeanty. He so effectively renders these characters on the page at this point that they emote all of the idiosyncrasies that the television actors themselves established years ago. His abilities as a sequential storyteller continue to impress, and he delivers some sequences in this issue that he seems to particularly revel in.

Nice to see some love for Jeanty in this article. I agree that he nails the idiosyncrasies of the characters--great way to put it. You know the mantra of "show, don't tell" for writing? I imagine for drawing a licensed comic it'd go: "draw the character, not the actor."

This Wednesday is gonna be a great day. Looking forward to it.
I added Buffyfantic's news to the entry.

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