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February 02 2010

Shout at the Devil - how Tony and James nearly starred in Reaper. Reaper creators Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters (who later went onto Dollhouse) talk about Tony Head and James Marsters auditioning for the role of the Devil on the show.

After reading this, I think I'm mad at the CW more than I'm mad at Fox...but only slightly.
I asked! I just never had the option to ask 'them'. Why do good shows have to die? It wouldn't feel this bad if it weren't for badly written, badly acted, plot-hole infused, 'pretty people' shows that get to live past seven seasons.

A spoon full of honey...
Wow both Tony and James auditioned for the role of the devil, who knew? lt would have been interesting if one of them got the role.
As much as I love both Tony and James, I have to say, Ray Wise was made for that role.
I think we've heard about Tony auditioning for the role before, it was even one of those times that he stayed at Alyson and Alexis house in LA.
I have to wonder if the extra following that Head or Marsters could have brought that show would have given it more time. It was a cute show-creative and funny, but I never felt really attached to it. And yes, Wise did his thing well there, but the online chat that Marsters would have brought that show would have been huge. It's a shame she couldn't get passed his not actually being British. And funny since Head being British was an issue for her as well. Lame.
Ray Wise was perfect as the Devil. I love Tony and James, but I'm glad neither of them were cast.

Now James as an escaped soul... That's something I would've liked to see.
@Dorian's Kitten -- They didn't say the not being British thing was a problem for them with Marsters, just that they found it weird -- had nothing to do with why they didn't go with him. Not sure why, actually.
Dorian's Kitchen"the online chat that Marsters would have brought that show would have been huge"

We aught to know by now that online chat and huge or relevant don't belong in the same sentence.
Ray Wise was crazy good in the part.
Only watched the first few but Ray Wise was awesome in the part, best bit of the show for me. Figuring if ASH or JM would be as good or better strikes me as nigh impossible. They'd have been different and I doubt either would've done a bad job (because I doubt either has a bad job in them) but in what way and how it'd effect the balance of the show is anyone's guess.

And the British thing didn't fit the Devil ? Pfft. I don't believe in the Devil but if I did, i'd believe he had an upper-class English accent. It's the internationally recognised Voice of Evil™. Fact.
Whenever I see anyone that looks like the devil I can't help but think of Him from Powerpuff Girls. (Mostly the voice moreso than the expectation of foofy wardrobe.)

That said, I'm pretty sure they're okay with British devils-- in hindsight was an upper-class accent what Elizabeth Hurley went for in that Bedazzled remake?-- it's just maybe for the sake of an old man being patronizingly hip or gangsta that might have played better as an American.
Think she basically used her own voice (which is fairly posh).

(they could still have played on the patronisingly hip/gangsta idea but they'd maybe have had to tailor it slightly to British hip/gangsta. Which might not play as well in the US and would require more effort. I'm being facetious above though, with my serious head on, I understand what they mean and why they went the way they did)
The devil Robert Johnston sold his soul to too is so Ray Wise. Which is the vibe I think they were going for. Reading this made me wish for more Reaper - none of the eps ever lived up to the pilot, and some bits (Sock's sister lust) were terrible, but when it was good it was joyous silly fun.
Ray Wise rocked as the devil.

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