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February 02 2010

Official Dollhouse auctions continue. This week's selection includes three labcoats, and some of the USB drive lanyards from the series finale Epitaph Two.

I want the USB drive that say mercy, so I can go for Halloween as Kilo... not that I'm bidding or anything.

I don't really see the appeal in the labcoats.
Whoever gets the "Exit Paperwork", please let us know what it says. Sometimes on TV, when you don't have to show details on a paper sheet, they just type nonsense. I'm very curious.
Huh. I always find it so interesting just how many typos occur in 'documents' that are used in TV shows that aren't close enough to see onscreen. 'idividual?' Whatever word processor they used to type that would have highlighted (and probably automatically fixed) that.

I found the same sorts of errors on close up descriptions of museum exhibits used in an episode of Bones.
Actually, you may not even need to type anything. Just copy something already on text and print it, unless you have to show closely what the paper says. Usually it only matters that people can see something is written. Although with it being auctioned, I guess it's probably a real "prop text".
It's interesting they have so many copies of the Canterbury Tales to be auctioning. I mean effectively it's just the books themselves so I can't imagine there being too great a tie to the series different from buying the book itself. Clothing on the other hand I could see having appeal since it may be long out of season by the time fans figure out what it is. (Like David Tennant's Doctor Who Gap pants) Aside from there also being the slightly weird "I've touched clothing that touched my favorite actor/actress" aspect.

I'm seconding the confusion about the labcoats though, it's not exactly Dr. Horrible esque. I don't see the point of custom making them as they suggest the wardrobe department did when I just figured it'd be so much cheaper to buy them wholesale as Fox studios and distribute as needed to the shows/movies.

I'm most curious about the USB drives. I mean obviously there's no need to create dummy files but are they like perfectly legitimate to use flash drives? Would they actually have come pre-used for the sake of production and they neglected to delete the content? And what is the smallest size USB drive nowadays anyway? Considering how there are four or five per necklace I wonder exactly how much storage capacity there is for something purely aesthetic.
The clothes are actually very interesting because a lot of them are designer stuff for a very low price. Some of Adelle's and Echo's shoes cost a fortune. Paul's Diesel jacket is also very expensive in a store.
I always pause and try to read screen inserts, so I appreciate it when some actual effort is put into making it look real. If it's something long, I understand just reusing the same paragraphs over and over. They're just nice sort of easter eggs. If it wouldn't be shown on screen at all, then it doesn't really matter, but what would be the point of auctioning off an empty folder?
Exactly, hacksaway. I think there is something cool on those papers, otherwise it wouldn't make a lot of sense to auction them.
Victor's exit paperwork is somewhat legible on the photos. It's a few paragraphs, which are repeated several times and mixed up. Look for all the occurrences of the opening sentence, "This contract is to acknowledge..."

The other bits I can make out just reference the dialog in the episode.
Is it bad that, while watching the finale, I actually thought to myself, "Oooh, those USB drives are going to end up in the auctions!" I wonder if Maurissa kept the Kilo set.
I covet the knee-high boots... sigh, if only my feet could shrink to fit into size 7's. =(
That custom-made lab coat of Whiskey's is a great design. The costume designer should sell the design to a medical supply house, if it wasn't a rip of an existing item. Very stylish.
I love Echos boots and would really like one of the USB drives. But judging by how high last weeks auctions went (Summers watch necklace sold for $1025) I doubt I'll be able to afford either.
Wait, I knew that Yankee, Kilo, Yankee and Romeo were in the finale, but X-Ray was there too?
Hrm, I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to the labcoats, just Victor's. (His was in one or two scenes so I didn't especially see any need for them to tailor one to make him look good, whereas Dr. Saunders I'd particularly understand why they custom made one.)

But yeah, when I've watched the clothing a lot of the time it does zoom way past that ridiculously low $20s initial bid. I forgot to see where Boyd's suit ended last series of auctions since it was one of the perennial laggers in terms of bids and I was curious where it ended up. That said though, the measurements totally confused me since Boyd is about half a foot taller than me but apparently still wears pants I'd fit in (and I'm fairly skinny). I can't tell if this means he's mostly torso-tall or I still can't dress myself like a proper adult human.

As for the paperwork I sort of imagined that they really only go into hardcore detail for those things if they think there's any chance of it showing up on screen or if it's something along the lines of 30 Rock or The Simpsons where those sitcoms can expect people to freeze frame it. (Then again I also imagined Lost would do this sorta thing.) Since they never show the interior of those binders I imagine it's all dummy text but I was surprised to see the exit instructions go as far to correctly mention the Hyperion even if it is surrounded by typos and kinda dummy text. Was this ever shown on screen relatively close?
How do we view the auctions that have already closed?
liljemsey, you can view Vipauctions closed auctions here.
Miracle wears the same shoe size as me! Yay! I might have a go bidding on her shoes. They're something I'd actually use, rather than have sitting on a shelf.

I'm also quite amused that "individual" is consistently spelt "idividual" in Victor's Exit Papers.

And I find it curious that the contract requires Boyd's signature. Does anyone remember which episode the papers appeared in? Is it before or after we learned that Boyd was running the show?

I'm hoping it's just the descriptions that are wrong, because there seems to be some confusion around what you get in the USB auctions. In the Yankee auction, you get "the bag marked Romeo and an array of USB drives separate in two separate groupings". In the Romeo set, you get "the bag marked X-RAY and an array of USB drives including ones marked Romeo and Being Human". In the X-Ray set, you get "the bag marked X-RAY and an array of USB drives including ones marked Yankee and English". Have they just mixed up the bags? Why would X-Ray have a Romeo USB? And why would X-Ray have a Yankee USB? And who does the second set you get in the Yankee auction belong to? Or did Yankee have 2 sets?

I'm also choosing to think that Romeo is a big fan of UK telly, and felt it was very important to have easy access to "Being Human" ;)

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maybe they needed duplicates of each other? perhaps? but there's a lot of auto bidding going on's just like cheating...sorta...where's the fun in autobids instead you should keep checking everyday, every hour in blind panic...that's fun!
The USBs are so cool! I may try to nab one! And Saunders' coat! -drool-
I think Boyd was on the papers since Adelle couldn't face letting Victor into the world after her history with Roger/knowledge he was still broken and needed some way of getting over his trauma they still haven't erased? Or am I mistaking this for one of the other times she broke exit protocol. I just figured they'd be from that episode where Victor gets abducted and assimilated into the Metal Gear Solid hivemind.

Which incidentally leads me to a theory about the USB drives. Yankee is presumably inherently Yankee regardless what skills he has taken out of him. However, there are possibly tactical advantages if they can manage to think alike in the same situation. Or if the real one dies they have a back up of his/her information.

Alternatively, maybe X-Ray is a power thing to take out/put in as needed, Yankee comes in handy when they need the skills to smack the crap out of things with a baseball bat (or catch things. Or be a North'n'r /infiltrate some power mad Rossum exec who styles himself a post-apocalyptic King Arthur?), and Romeo... Is that Lil Romeo kid all grown up in the event they need celebrity impersonations?
According to IMDB's page for Epitaph Two, X-Ray was played by Brandon Molale. He must've been the fourth Tech-head holding Topher at gunpoint in the lab.
Anyone know what the most expensive item ended up going for? ...and what it was?

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