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February 02 2010

(SPOILER) Interior art for so-far-unannounced Angel-related comic project. "This one obviously stars Spike and is being drawn by Chris Cross, with inks by Marc Deering".

If you put spoilerish comments in the "extended description" field it gets picked up by the RSS feed and people could get unintentionally spoiled. So I nixed what you said and reproduce it below.

My guess is, he got drunk or drugged (he must have a lot to drink to get that buzzed) and in the last panel, he sees a building or person that he didn't expect to see. Maybe someone used that woman to lure him there?

Is it just me, or does it appear that the Swifty's sign is done in such a font so as to look, at first glance, like the Buffy logo? Okay, maybe it is just me.
No, Shiai, it does look like the Buffy logo. But not really. But really.
Chris Cross is an awesome name.

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