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February 02 2010

Top 10 TV shows that should be video games. Dollhouse makes #5 on's list.

I'm not sure what I liked most about this list: the Golden Girls suggestion or the random Playboy girl at the end.
It opens with Adelle saying something about a blue flower, and then you kill everything in sight for the next 13 hours.
I'd quite like a Chuck video game. Imagine just randomly flashing and suddenly knowing stuff temporarily. If handled correctly it'd be great.
Flight of the Conchords is already coming to Rock Band, so that game seems a bit redundant, albeit awesome.

I guess the techie aspects of the DH might work. Maybe you can choose your own imprints? I could see maybe the Epitaph Two, Victore techhead style revolving imprints (can't contain all at once or you'll explode!) actually being a good game.

I think it would be a good idea to make a Chuck video game, advertise it heavily, and then the entire game is nothing but doing repairs at the Buy More and getting fired if you don't do a good enough job. Voice acting by Tony Hale, who will hopefully sell well enough for an Arrested Development video game to be greenlit.
I actually thought of a Dollhouse game idea a while ago, but it was nothing like what's laid out here. It was when I saw Epitaph One, and thought that if the series was cancelled early and the apocalypse plot was never wrapped up, the story could be concluded in epic fashion with a Fallout-esque game beginning with the end of Epitaph One. You would start off playing as Mag, Zone and Caroline, and gradually come into contact with Priya, Anthony, Adelle, Topher, Paul and Echo (and maybe Alpha), and attempt to bring down the remnants of Rossum and fix the world. I mean, a post-apocalyptic action game with an involving backstory, interesting characters, constant danger of being wiped, and copious amounts of Butchers to fight? It's not like it couldn't be made to work. Frankly, I think this idea could still work, except it would chronicle what happened to the gang in-between The Hollow Men and Epitaph Two and wouldn't involve the Epitaph One characters until the end.

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Silent Hill 2 meets Fallout 3 would be my ideal concept for a Dollhouse game. Not completely sure how that would work though.
It basically does write itself, the article's spot on in that regard, either as an first or third person shooter (with new imprints providing a natural "power-up" track through the game) or something a bit more mystery/detective based (either in the present timeline or the Epitaph timeline or even both concurrently). Or, rather than have a game of the show you could have a game in the show i.e. you could play an actual doll in an actual functioning dollhouse (with every mission having the potential to be totally different to the last - action, detective, romance, puzzle etc. Anything goes). Or you could start out that way then become Echo style self-aware then segue into a post-apocalyptic scenario.

In other words, the story engine for the game could be every bit as flexible as the (original) intent for the show.

(a Doctor Who game would be exactly the same BTW. The show's - literal - engine, the Little Blue Box that can, provides the same flexibility in game-type and story possibility)
Forget the Dollhouse game, make a Firefly game in the same style as Mass Effect.
Nah, how could you justify a Firefly game where the gang racks up a body count as high as in Mass Effect? The best thing one could really do is make a shooter game chronicling Mal and Zoe's experiences in the war.
I've been dying for a fighting game with all the Whedonverse characters (that can fight). Like, no plot, just sets from the shows as the stadiums, and characters from all the shows with their various abilities.
It would answer all the "who would win in a fight? (Character X) or (Character Y)"

Wouldn't you want to see Mal fight Season 4 Wesley in the Dollhouse?
Or Dark Willow take on Illyria on Serenity?

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Ooh, this is a great idea! Maybe one thing the game could play up is the paranoia factor - an evil giant corporation that is going after you, including through Actives, and you never, EVER know whom you can trust. Dragon Age: Origins is a story-based RPG with shifting alliances within your party and an overall story arc, that is getting accolades and is doing great commercially. I'm thinking something along those lines.
I've been dying for a fighting game with all the Whedonverse characters (that can fight).

I believe there was a game where you can create your own super heroes/villans, choosing the costumes, body, and powers. Probably it could work for make a Whedon Super League.
It would answer all the "who would win in a fight? (Character X) or (Character Y)"

Unfortunately it would answer "Everyone" and we'd be no further forward.
Whatever happened to the Firefly MMO?
Chaos Man, I'm basing this on virtually nothing but isn't MUGEN or something a type of game where you can essentially create all the character stuff yourself? You know how you can customise a Grand Theft Auto game? I think its like that, except its more Street Fighter, less GTA. I imagine there is a Whedonverse, or heck, at least a Buffyverse version of it now I think about it.

/looks to see how it all works.
bknick I think there were legal issues between Fox and Universal and it just didn't happen. I'm not holding my breath for the Buffy MMO. Haven't heard anything about that in a long time.
Whatever happened to the Buffy DS game? Did that ever come out?
It came out in Europe (and Australia too I think). The game was woeful by all accounts.
Whedon vs. Capcom? Whedon Dissidia? Whedon Hearts? (I know that Kingdom Whedon... well actually that is starting to sound better aside from making a smidgen more sense.) Anyway those actually all sound like they could work though I like the idea of the last one the most since it involves less "combat to the death." The only thing is I could see it going like io9's "River Tam wins everything ever!"

As for Dollhouse games... While I did think that the post-apocalypse seemed like it was custom tailored to gaming situations I still think the idea of an in-doll game as being kinda interesting since that does give them so much more freedom in a quasi-sandbox setting for so many different genres. Like the missions could finally be somewhat more interesting and arbitrarily varied. It even works thematically since video gamers try to be their best in whatever situation... The only thing is that I doubt any company could/would bother investing in building a fully realized dating sim, sniper shooty thing, standard FPS, stealth mode 3rd person, helicopter controls, rhythm Rock-Bandy elements, and grand chessmaster simulations while having decent hand to hand combat controls... Or quick event sequences where you need to push buttons at the right time to finish your broccoli before doing fingerpainting in the bonsai room.
There was this Joss Whedon game rumour that never panned out.
Maybe Joss's next project is a game. "Summer Glau kills everyone while dancing a beautiful ballet. And then gets a bullet in the brain pan-squish!"
Im really liking the Kingdom Whedon idea
Oh God, the amount of angst in Kingdom Whedon would be nigh unbearable. Cloud and Buffy together sounds... just... so very angsty. Tifa could die in some freak accident, such as Alpha slicing and dicing her.

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Jaymii, I have no idea about what is "MUGEN" (sorry, not a game fan), but i did a little research, and found the game I was thinking: "City of Heroes".

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