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February 03 2010

The Haiti charity auction for Watch Us Care includes a few Whedonverse items. Including this Dollhouse/Firefly/Buffy package and several Battlestar Galactica items.

This auction is run by TV journalist Maureen Ryan. Over here at her site, Ryan explains how you can donate to the charity directly without buying in the auction.

Is that a Fox promo t-shirt for the show?
I just asked Maureen and she says she was given all the items in that package by Fox as part of her work as a TV critic, they're all promotional items.

ETA: correction, the shirt is from Fox and the books are from their respective publishers.

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Cool, thanks.
I have that shirt.
Therefore you are Maureen Ryan. My logic is irrefutable.

Good of her to do this, seems like a nice lady.
Topher is Joss & Bix is Mo Ryan? Revelations galore this week.

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