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February 03 2010

Want to ask James Marsters a question? Sci Fi UK will be filming an interview with James on Friday and are looking for questions. So if any Whedonesque posters have a question for him, post it in the comments section.

Here is one for James: You have been asked this before BUT it needs to be asked again, when will you do a completely acoustic CD, hopefully with both Chocolate Jesus and Goodnight baby blue on it!
Doctor Horrible 2: are you in or out?
James: anymore Torchwood in your future?
I'm really curious about your character in Caprica and how many episodes we can expect to see you in.
Apparently the BBC are trying to get some kind of Torchwood spin off going in the states. If asked would you be up for reprising Capt John Hart there?

In an ideal world would you like to see him as a member of the team, or a recurring guest star?
I'm enjoying the latest Dresden Files audiobook you've voiced. And am looking forward to the next releases in April. Is there one character you've done recently that was especially fun...or challenging?
Have you collected any Spike themed merchandise over the years? If so whats your favorite item?

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James, if you were in the position of someone like George Clooney or Bono, who in part use their high profiles to focus attention on a particular issue or humanitarian crisis, what concern or situation would be important to you?
Hi James, I'm curious. If you had your druthers, at this point in your career, would you rather be working on one project at a time such as a starring role on television, or continue on as the great journeyman artist you are? (I hope you do Shakespeare in L.A. at some point)
Dear Mr. Marsters,

Why on earth did they not have you play Gambit in the live-action X-Men universe?


Hi James. l'm Carl Do you ever keep in touch with any of your Buffy or Angel alumni, lf so which ones?
Hi James,

You said recently at a convention that, the way the show was written, Buffy should be with Angel and the writers had made Spike the "wrong guy" for her. At the same time, you suggested that the way you saw it, had the writers not gone the route they did, that Spike and Buffy should have been together. How did you see it? And details, please. :)

What was your favourite episode of buffy/angel to film and why? Thanks. ETA: Also, what is your opinion on the planned buffy movie?

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"If you could have played any other Buffy or Angel character, who would it have been?"
Is there any chance you could do a season of live theatre in the UK?

What stage roles have you never done that you would love to play in an ideal world?
Hi James

Do you ever get fed up of people asking you who Buffy was in love with given that it's so many years since the show ended and everyone has long since made their minds up?
Outside of your artistic talents,what makes you proud of yourself?
Simon, do you know when about their online site will post the interview?
I don't but I'll find out.

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