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February 04 2010

Happy Town gets a premiere date. Amy Acker's Happy Town gets a premiere date: Wednesday April 28, 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

I read somewhere that the pilot leaked. Is this true?
If it did then no-one seems interested in it (as far as I can tell it hasn't shown up on the major torrent sites and leaked pilots almost always do).
Yikes! April premiere date and an order of only eight episodes. I fear we shouldn't get too attached to this show.
ABC will be buzzing about the return of V, FlashForward and the continuing Lost's final season so I doubt anyone will really know its on. It's not like the show seems to fit into the ABC comedy night anyway, the closest thing they could have gotten away with is Betty and now that's gone, because it replaced the already gone Eastwick.

Er... ABC need to sort out that hour really. Launch something properly there. And I don't really think this is it.

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Apparently it's filmed here in town (and in Port Hope) but I haven't seen Amy wandering around.
Wow, Amy Acker is only an hour down the road (from me). I feel cooler by geographical association. <3

Yes, her awesome has an appropriately large radius.

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That's my birthday :)
Actually, it should do fairly well in the ratings.

As long as it gets a decent timeslot.

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