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February 04 2010

How Well Do You Know: Dollhouse, Season 2. Test your knowledge on Dollhouse season 2 with this 30 question quiz.

*smugness* 30/30.
I can't believe I got one wrong!!! You mean Boyd wasn't gonna use Echo to re-open the Hellmouth???

That must've been in one of those outlandish interviews with those crazy writer-types who like to contradict my fanon.

In actuality, 30/30. "I don't wanna use the word genius, but I'd be okay if you wanted to."
I got 24, too. Really need to re-watch some of the earlier episodes.

I kind of have to object to the wording of #27--it makes a murder sound like a self-sacrifice.
Count me in with the gang of 24 :(
Did I fall asleep?
26. I basically know nothing and must now travel to Tibet to learn the Way of the True Fan.
29. I forgot most of Stop-Loss.
29. I know me some Dollhouse.
I got 26... I need to rewatch but the given answer to question 2 seems wrong to me "Where does she seek refuge with the newborn?". I thought she *sought* refuge at Sierra's house until she saw Sierra with dollhouse people and ended up at the police station almost by accident.

And I'd have sworn that it was Perrin's wife, not Perrin himself, who said that Perrin was her white knight. It doesn't make sense for a doll's call-and-response sequence to have to be initiated by the doll himself...
Cindy: Remind me why I love you.

Daniel: Cause I'm your white knight.

Cindy: And I'm your beautiful damsel.

Daniel: Ever after.

ET: Fix a typo and complete the call and response.

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I got a 27! Considering that my mind is all Lost-jumbled right now (yes...still) I'm pretty proud of myself. Major kudos to those that got 30/30!
Q13. Really? I must have missed that. I thought Echo's ability had been developing since S1, not something that started with Bennett and her imprint?
@Xantastic - thanks, obviously I'd forgotten that first part of the call-response. I guess it makes sense for it to be a question, just like the LA dollhouse's standard "do you trust me?"
@zz9: Echo was evolving before then, but Bennet's Caroline memory seems to be what catalyzed the "wave" that allowed Echo to slip more freely between all of her personas.
26. I wish the questions weren't just "who did this" or "who was that".
29/30 I forgot the name of the "group mind" in Stop Loss.
28/30 Not bad considering the day I've had.
29. Not sure what I got wrong, though I was confused by #13 too (picked the Caroline memory as it made marginally more sense). The Buffy references were fun :)

Edit: Ah, found the answers. I was wrong about who didn't get punched in the face. May have to rewatch that one.

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22 - which is excellent considering how close to going into a coma I am. I'll take it again when rested.
26/30. I've been imprinted with the knowledge of s2! I wonder what I got wrong.
29/30 which isn't entirely shocking. The one I missed was from The Public Eye/The Left Hand which is actually the only pair I watched once and it was a while ago. So quite logically I picked "I'm your princess in a tower" because that's what I get all my girlfriends to say to me.

I'm single quite often.
30 for 30, but I didn't really like the quiz and I'm not sure about one of the answers: the reason Echo can access previous imprints/skills is because Bennett imprinted her memory of Caroline into her? I thought she had a genetic anomaly which made her partially immune to wipes?

Did the writer of the quiz really have to put opinions about the episodes/show all over it? I love Joss as much as anyone else, but geeze.
@iwearthecheese: Echo was evolving before then, but Bennet's Caroline memory seems to be what catalyzed the "wave" that allowed Echo to slip more freely between all of her personas.

(Copied and pasted from what I said to zz9.)

Echo explained it to Paul in 'Meet Jane Doe.' She said that it was different after having Caroline put into her head and that it was like a wave came in and she collected the shells. Paul asked if it was Echo or Caroline that collected the shells. There was a fairly lengthy conversatin on the topic...
It wasn't really Caroline being put into her head though, it was seen from Bennett's perspective... While we saw it from a 3rd person perspective, Echo would have seen it like she was pinned under the concrete while Caroline told her she was leaving her there.
27, which considering I watch a couple of episodes after coming home from the pub is not too shabby at all! :)
I dunno, it might mean you're doing the pub wrong ;).
29/30 ... I got stuck on a few questions, though, so I'm glad I only got one wrong ('group mind' tech).
28/30 - missed # 13 (remembered Sierra, forgot the police station) and the call/response between Perrin and his wife - got cocky, rushed through & picked damsel in distress.
@iwearthecheese: That's what Paul said. "I though she gave you one of her memores." And Echo replied, "Of Caroline." I'm just spouting Echo's given explanation, clarifying the quiz question.
29/30 ... I got stuck on a few questions, though, so I'm glad I only got one wrong ('group mind' tech).
Braeden Fireheart |

Exactly the same here!

24. ...Who killed Bennett?

I get this right, but aren't we still in doubt about who really done that?
Got the group mind thing, who didn't get punched, and why Echo can access her imprints in 'Meet Jane Doe' wrong.

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