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February 04 2010

Pictures from "Bones" 100th episode party with David Boreanaz. In addition to starring, David Boreanaz also directed this episode. And don't forget T.J. Thyne is an "Angel" alumnus as well, having played a recurring Wolfram & Hart lawyer in season five.

Aswell as Tamara Taylor (she's the teacher in Serenity)... The Whedon alumnis are indeed everywhere.
Where's John Francis Daley!?
Good episode tonight. They turned things on the proverbial ear in this one. Very nicely handled. should be illegal to look that good.
What is it with these actors in TV series turning director for one or two episodes? Is it about art or money? Please could someone who knows about that explain me? David Boreanaz did it before at "Angel". Made it that episode ("Soul Purpose" as far as I recall), the more special?
Well, with Soul Purpose, it gave him a bit more to do, as he was practically bed-ridden for most of the episode (the knee surgery) and he was clearly having trouble walking even with that mail cart.

Actually, Soul Purpose is one of the most visually interesting episodes in the series, so I'd say that he's a good director.

Why not? He seems to enjoy it and he seems to actually do the work.

And it's great to see him getting to another milestone 100th episode.
Jonathan Frakes started as an actor and his debut at the director chair was while acting in TNG. Then we have "Belonging".

Off Topic: Sorry to bother you again, Nile, but I couldn't download the second part of your Buffy Chronology (2000-2009). Is there a chance of you re-upload it again in 4shared or another server, cause that file seems to not being working?
That's probably because I just updated both files with new versions (so download the other, too).

Here's a link to the whole folder (so you don't have to worry about changing links):
A lot of actors want to direct - a lot of very well-known directors start as actors, including Sir Richard Attenborough and Clint Eastwood (for two prominent feature film examples). David Boreanaz clearly enjoys directing and since he's good at it and has a lot of power on "Bones," why shouldn't he?
This is actually the second episode of Bones David directed. He directed 'The Bones that Foam' (where the car salesman was killed). Hart talked about how artistic David's eye is and the cast love him as a director since he knows them and their characters so well. They actually got out of the studio early on the Friday night when they were shooting the 100th and Hart tweeted "what a fantastic director".

As to where John Francis Daley was during the party??? According to Hart Hanson he was in the studio with his band and couldn't be there.

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