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February 05 2010

David Krumholtz's memories of Serenity. Mr Universe reveals what it was like turning up on the last two days of filming.

Surely he wasn't totally alone since he must've filmed most of it with the woman who played his love-doll ? Though I guess he wasn't really acting off anyone (lots of screens etc.) which may be what he means.

Very likeable performer is David Krumholtz, he was great as Mr Universe and he's great as Charlie Epps, Mathematical Super-hero (the maths is increasingly becoming purely a macguffin on the show but if it's getting kids into it then made of win). Still mean to check out 'Freaks and Geeks', been waiting for the pound to recover a bit and it's probably about as good as it'll get for a while.
I love David Krumholtz. He's so adorable. Numb3rs is a great show.
I like David Krumholtz and loved him as Mr Universe but like all the other mathematicians I know I hate Numb3rs.
Purely because of how unrealistic the depiction is Paul_Rocks ? Speaking as someone who works in computing (a field that's been similarly abused for decades), welcome to the world of TV ;).
Seriously Paul_Rocks? Because the High School Math teachers I know are thrilled w/NUMB3RS (not that I know THAT many). I've always loved David Krumholtz and I love the family dynamic w/Judd Hirsch and Rob Morrow.
Yeah the family dynamic and also the partner dynamic, particularly between David and Colby really adds to the show. What I like most about the scripts is that the characters occasionally say pretty stupid stuff off the cuff, the kind of thing we all say in real life but is often left out of scripts because it doesn't progress the plot (or flatter the heroes of the piece). And then their friends/family take the piss out of them for saying it. Just adds a layer of reality to the interactions.

The (only) high school maths teacher I know (well, A level so post high-school in the UK and what, senior high in the US ?) also rates the show BTW - not, as I say, because the maths is always right or relevant more because it's portrayed as being exciting and useful. 'Numb3rs' is like a 5 season answer to the time-honoured school-kid's question, "What am I ever going to use this for ?".
Is there no UK release of the Freaks & Geeks DVDs ?

Ah, just checked on and although they have listings for the Region 1 DVDs (the regular version and the much cooler Yearbook Edition + 2 bonus discs), Amazon UK itself doesn't sell it [anymore?]. The Amazon Marketplace sellers are charging through the roof for it, used or new.

Anyone who hasn't seen it can borrow mine (or play pass-it-on around the circle of Whedonesquers who haven't seen it), but I'm not sure if the shipping would be so prohibitive that it wouldn't be worth it, depending on where it was going. Could just mail the discs and that'd be dirt cheap.

I can hear some folks in the corners saying, "Just torrent it!"

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I think when David Krumholtz said he was working alone, he meant he didn't get to work with most of the main cast, as they'd wrapped and didn't work on his set and he was a dead body (often out of frame) for those who did enter Mr. Universe's home.
Sure, he even says the regular cast had wrapped in the interview. It's when he says he didn't act "with anyone" that makes me think of the woman who played his love-doll. I'm probably just being too literal and he's being more figurative (and as I say, strictly he wasn't actually acting with her for the most part, she was just there while he was acting to screens, which is probably what he meant).

I can hear some folks in the corners saying, "Just torrent it!"

Those pesky corner dwellers, they're always tempting me towards evil. It's about 30 which actually isn't insane for a (nearly) full season box-set (though the Yearbook Edition is about 70 which kinda is), next payday maybe. Just kicking myself that I didn't buy it when dollars:sterling was almost 2:1.
I think she was effectively a living prop so it's not like he coud "act off" of anyone since there's not so much a give and take but-- just a take...

Then again he presumably got to be stabbed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. (I've always been so curious about that since the screenplay suggests a "WTF?" response from both parties but for whatever reason I never quite read that into the movie itself. I'm not sure if it was the editing, angles, or the acting?)

Since he was mostly a dead body when working with Nathan Filion, did they actually bother having him on set for that or did they just get a dummy and they just used some coverage when he was around to suggest his face and Mal's were in the same room at the same time?
For those struggling with it, the "LoveBot", called Lenore by Mr Universe, was played by Nectar Rose. She was on the Browncoat Cruise back in December of '07. She told us during the Q&A Panels that Nathan and David were very business-like, and respected her need to remain perfectly still. The implications from what she and Mr. Krumholz said implies that it was "wind up" time, and everyone just wanted to get finished. Nectar did say that it was fun and interesting, however.
I hope he works with Joss again... I've loved this guy ever since the second Addamms Family movie!
Love Mr Krumholtz (10 Things I Hate About You!), would be great to see him work with Joss again, but whenever I see him I do get ER memories that make me clutch at my back.
Purely because of how unrealistic the depiction is Paul_Rocks ? Speaking as someone who works in computing (a field that's been similarly abused for decades), welcome to the world of TV ;).

Yeah, about half my friends are fellow former/current maths PhDs and it just drives us nuts.

Actually Saje I now work in computing so I can "enjoy" that abuse too ;)

Oddly I was an Undergrad when Good Will Hunting came out and I didn't have a problem with that - maybe I was more accepting back then :)

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