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February 05 2010

Filming report from NPH's The Cube. A fan tootles along to see Neil laugh in a Horrible fashion.

Thanks for the report. Was going to try to get there myself but couldn't get away from work that day.
Nice write-up.

And decent of NPH to interact with the audience between filming (doing the Horrible laugh etc.), if the host doesn't care about the audience it can be pretty boring (only been to the filming of one gameshow - 'Catchphrase' but unfortunately after Roy Walker had left it - and man was it dull. As here, they did 4 episodes back-to-back and it was quite stop and start. A few times near the end they had to redo something because the applause had become a bit lacklustre).
Is this a game show where contestants have to move from cube to cube without dying a horrible and violent death?
Hee hee. (Sounds like a ratings winner, btw.)
Hee! No, just one Cube is involved (that's my write-up, btw). I've seen the show on TV but wouldn't have called myself a fan, it's incredible how involved you get when you're sitting there! I didn't expect to be rooting for the contestants quite as much as I was!
RachVG, I went as well and God, that Tracy/Trixie whatever girl, stacking the blocks! Why did she keep touching the bottom. My heart broke for her. I also had to leave a little bit into the final contestant but I have to say, if you have seen HIMYM's Woo Girl episode, you know what she was like. She was adorable for it though.

I was dying for him to sing, and I really wanted to talk to him but I'm quite a shy person and something like that was never going to happen. I was behind directly behind the friends and family of the contestant, so that was fun. Me, my friend and these other two girls helped out occasionally with advice for the player in The Cube.

Anyway, great write-up.

P.S. Yellow Tie Man.
Ha, I heard her described as a Woo Girl somewhere else so apparently that's accurate! Apparently he hung around afterwards and did pictures and autographs with the people who actually made it til the 11.45 finish - I wish I could have done but the last bus to Leeds was at 11.30, so if I'd stayed I'd have been facing a night with nowhere to sleep, an expensive walk-up fare train ticket at 6am, and still having to be in Bradford for work at 9 on no sleep at all instead of the 6 hours I managed on the bus!

(I think the girl with the blocks was called Michelle.)

I avoided using the term "yellow tie man", I felt it might have been a bit too much of an in-joke! Oh dear, though.
It was awesome, and even given the stop start nature of the filming (what with the cube being a pretty SFX heavy programme) it was pretty fricking tense when they were actually playing.

I've always thought these quiz shows were a bit manufactured, and it was nice to know that this one definitely isn't. They play for real, and they don't get given second chances or can-I-have-that-agains or anything.

And Neil was (of course) legen ... you know the rest.
Yeah, no second chances is correct. The guy who lost a life because they didn't fix the glass in, how unfair was that? As for me, my last train home had to be from Liverpool Street, and that was at 11:58, and it takes 30 something minutes on the underground to get there from Wembley. I also had to get up at 6:45 this morning, so that definitely made this day at school a little bit harder to awake for. Neil's tweet earlier thanking the people who stayed till the end made me a tiny bit sad inside, though. I think I'm going to regret my impossible situation for quite a while. I hope he returns soon because I'll be all over that.

Also, Michelle - Absolutely! I've been watching Deadwood so the name Trixie was all I could think off.
I thought that was unfair too, but didn't he miss anyway? So even if the glass was in, he would have lost a life? I was sitting with Neil right in front of me most of the night (ie he was between me and the Cube) so there was a lot of times I couldn't actually see what happened inside the Cube and just had to rely on reactions!

I chose to read Neil's tweet as thanking everybody who came but especially those who stayed to the end, he just didn't have space to say it like that. And that's the belief I'm sticking to, otherwise it makes me sad too! I saw a lot of tweets to him from people leaving early saying how gutted they were that they couldn't stay, so I'm sure he understands, especially with it being midweek.

In my head I'm included in the rad people, whether I really am or not. ;)

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