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February 05 2010

Man They Call Jayne listed among Best of Badasses. Everyone's favourite character with a town named after him makes The AV Club's list of Favourite Badasses.

I liked the strange subtleties of Jayne's character, Even with the thinnest thread of decency running through his heart, I wouldn't trust him for an instant. He may have been a nice, back-stabbing brute... Well, he wasn't all that nice.
He'll always be Ricky Linderman to me.
He is one of my favorite badasses as well, so I'd say: great choice ;). I'm not sure I'd trust him either, but he certainly makes a great addition to any TV-show ensemble :p

Also, Saje, I don't think I've ever seen you post a link ... *checks*. Ah, it's the third. Well, crap, there goes the final statistical edge I had over you here on the black ;)
Heh.. I'm with you alexreager...
Also, Saje, I don't think I've ever seen you post a link ... *checks*. Ah, it's the third.

Yeah, bumped my tally waaaaay up. Ahem.

(don't really surf many TV/film websites so I tend not to see links ahead of other people. Also, lazy ;)
Hmm. Favorite badasses not included on the official AV Club list:

Billy Jack
Tank Girl
Ellen Ripley
The Man With No Name
John Lee (Chow Yu-Fat) from The Replacement Killers
Okay, not having even looked at the list, I question its existence if it doesn't manage to find a spot for either Ellen Ripley or Clint Eastwood's iconic character. (On the other hand, and no offense to BreathesStory, but not having Tom Laughlin's uber-preachy alter ego on there suits me fine.) However, I will officially pronounce this list worthless if it doesn't include John Shaft. So let me go check.


Okay, it's worthless. How sad, because there are some good picks, but...Who is the man that would shred every cat on this list? {SHAFT!} Can you dig it?
BAFfler, I know, I know. *groans* Billy Jack is just awful isn't he? But there's this weird spell that gets cast on me every time I watch him... It starts with "One Tin Soldier" and then despite the uber amateur acting, the pedantic preachy almost pointless and confusing plot, not to mention way overworked cliches being thrown right and left, I get sucked in and... I just can't stop watching. I've just got no excuse whatsoever. *hangs head* After an embarrassing number of viewings, I've become convinced that it's all due to the character of Billy Jack. And so, if I'm honest with myself, I have to include him on my list. *smiles sheepishly*
Dude, don't feel too bad. I own the 35th anniversary Billy Jack box set, with all four films plus bonus features. I also ordered a book on the craft of film writing from Laughlin's website (which is actually pretty decent, and a very useful tool to evaluate the success and failure of films), and got a free Billy Jack t-shirt with purchase, which I wear every few weeks or so. All this, despite the fact that every time I watch one of those sermons on DVD -- especially Trial -- it sends me into a screaming, gibbering, frothing rage from which I can only be brought down by repeated applications of Ed Wood films. If one of us has cause to be truly ashamed, I think it's me. :)
BAFfler, even if Billy Jack didn't make your list, I think you win! But now, thanks to you, I guess I'll have to check out Laughlin's site and his book. ;) I'm always looking for new sources that might have something to teach me about storytelling.

He is one fascinating guy. Waaay back when, I remember watching "Billy Jack" on Monster Vision while Joe Bob Briggs, the host, interviewed him throughout the movie at every break about how they made the movies and his process etc. Laughlin was well spoken, thoughtful, intelligent, and very conscious of the world around him, he was just great. I never thought to look him up online though.
Hmm. Well, I'm not really sure my goal was ever to turn people ON to Tom're welcome? ;-)

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