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November 06 2003

James Marsters PSA video. "We at thought Spike would make the perfect spokesman for a blood drive ...".

For anyone who would like to participate in a blood drive in Spike or James Marsters's name, there's one running at More Than Spike.

It's a tradition that started four years ago at and that the community kept when we moved forums. Members are encouraged to donate blood if they can, but any donation is welcome (such as platelets, money, time). The campaign runs until February 14th, and a presentation will be made to JM after the totals are collected.

More details can be found on the Bleedathon page and there's a discussion about it on the forum.

[ edited by abbylee on 2003-11-07 00:16 ]
thanks abbylee for that awesome link. i was surprised to learn that medication/illnesses almost don't matter to one's eligibilty for donation. anyways rock on, what a truly nouvelle concept for a noble cause!

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