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February 05 2010

Emma Caulfield's film 'Timer' opens 34th Annual Cleveland International Film Festival. After a lot of speculation, Emma's new romantic comedy is given opening night honors. A "TiMER" (see photo in link) is a clock that is implanted into a person's wrist. Once in place, it starts counting down to the moment you will meet your soul mate and find true love.

Emma talked about this film when I saw her at Wizard World Chicago this past summer but it was still being shopped for distribution. It is supposed to be an awesome film that Emma compared to 500 Days of Summer.

Gonna be in Cleveland March 18th? Here's a review

Sounds like my kind of movie. Wish it would come to Phoenix.
That sounds fun. Emma is underutilized.
Huh, I might actually be able to attend this... :) Emma in a romantic comedy? That sounds like a great match. Now if they only managed to navigate the genres' tired old tropes and come up with something original... That's probably too much to hope for though. The delight of watching Emma will most likely have to suffice.
I wonder if this will ever get a release outside the US.
I hope the film is a success and that the rest of us can look forward to seeing it before too long. Kali Rocha, known in the verse as Cecily/Halfrek, also has a small role in the film. She's shown in the trailer here.

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