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February 06 2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar's "Possession" finally being released. The long-delayed supernatural romantic thriller "Possession" (a remake of the 2002 Korean film "Jungdok" or "Addicted") starring our favorite blonde slayer will be released on disc March 9, 2010.

Good news! I've been waiting a long time to watch this film. Lee Pace is in it too :)
Oh, thank you! I've been looking forward to it for ages, and I thought it would never see the light of day! SMG and Lee Pace in the same film? I'm there!

Now I'd just like to know when Veronika Decides to Die is going to be released. I mean, I've already seen it, but I want everyone else to, too!
Seems like it maybe a likable movie l like anything with Sarah because she makes it interesting even if the critics give it a bad rep.
Glad to hear this is finally coming out, but saddened by the fact it's having a direct to video release. I remember seeing trailers for it in the theater forever ago and being so hopeful that she would finally have a new film that did well at the box office.
Veronika Decides To Die had a very limited and short run in theaters here in Brazil and already came out on DVD.
ouch direct to dvd? I was looking forward to seeing this, but I admit it's unlikely i'll plop down the duckets to do so (although i'm not sure I would've in theaters either - it seemed like a "reviews pending" sort of film to me.) I have really really been interested in veronika decides to die, however. It's always sad how many movies seem to get made and then shelved and shelved, knowing how much work and care people might've put into them. How was Veronika, for those've you who've seen it?
I've been looking forward to this for a long time! Would have preferred a theatre release, but DVD is much better than not seeing it.
I, too, say boo to the lack of theatrical release. The trailer I saw certainly looked more entertaining than half the crap that DOES go to the big screen...

But anyway! Thanks for posting this, I've been waiting ages to see it!

Does anyone have any information on Veronika Decides To Die for the United States or Canada? I didn't realize it was already out in some places. Why isn't SMG getting screen time over here? :(

EDIT: OK, this prompted me to peek at - Pre-Ordering is available for Veronika Decides To Die and Possession. :D
They're not yet available on Amazon's Canadian site.

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This sounds like a job for NetFlix!
Is this Sarah Michelle Gellar movie that originally had a different name?
I still think there should be a way for her to do a Buffy film. With the show being popular still, someone should be willing to fund it, assuming she's willing to look into it. It'd be better than the non-Joss remake.
I'd love to see a Buffy movie too, but at this point you're either REALLY going to have to suspend disbelief with Spike and Angel or they can't be in your film. And, they'd need to basically extend the plot several years into the future because I don't think I could buy the principals as 20 somethings anymore.

Which honestly might not be a bad thing. A fully baked-cookie version of Buffy might be an interesting story of its own. However it would limit what Joss could do with the comics if he did that.
Apparently this was once known as Addicted which may have been the Korean name too (though that one's English title also was "The Poisoning" which seems a little baffling and/or spoilery and I don't know which is the literal translation).

I really heart Lee Pace and it'd be nice to see him again since there's no chance of me willfully going to Marmaduke from what I can tell. SMG's a nice touch too, it's been even longer since she's had an interesting project. I mean for a movie with two Golden Globe nominees (I had no idea SMG ever got a nod) it's been in limbo for something like three years now...

As for a Buffy movie, I still can't tell if the biggest holdout would be getting someone to throw money at it that isn't a relaunch or SMG's involvement. I assume she's content with her kid and husband but really it's probably relaunch fever and if anyone is going to be making a Buffy movie I fear it'd be along the lines of how Spider-Man 4 is already going to be re-hauled and they're de-aging that character by four or so years.

I could still plausibly see Spike or Angel's involvement though. I mean they'd kept it up with Angel for years since even by the end of the series David looked nothing like back in the first year of Buffy and he's kept fit for his current role while more or less retaining the Angel TV show look. Marsters I haven't seen outside of Torchwood but I'm not sure they ever were as concrete with saying he was supposed to be mid-20s-ish like Angel.
Yep, this movie was called Addicted at first. I don't remember why they changed the name.

I'm just glad this film is finally being released. The studio went bankrupt a few years back, thankfully another distributor picked up the rights.
I guess I wasn't the only one that came in here with the intention of saying "Ouch, straight to dvd release?".
The studio went bankrupt a few years back, thankfully another distributor picked up the rights

Nobody picked up the rights .Fox always had a deal to release the movie on DVD .
I'm confused, why would you have to suspend disbelief with Spike and Angel?
Because they're older now, WP. Though David looks better than he did on Angel IMHO. James looks fantastic, but he looks like what he is - a fantastic-looking guy in his forties.

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Suspension of disbelief or a callback to The Master or Kakistos from "Faith, Hope, and Trick" (ie, older vampires starting to show wrinkles/taking on more demonic features) would explain it away just fine in terms of story logic, if some time had passed in the Buffyverse between the shows ending and the film(s).

Not holding my breath for films, the comics are all we're gonna get.
The trailer looks pretty good! I wouldn't write it off. But then, I liked The Return, too.
The answer to a "Buffy Movie" with all the old gang aged the way we remember them is to use CGI (aka Avatar). The actors could even motion capture their own parts, and the studio could videotape the actors for use as an artist reference. Joss could even step up the action a notch, like in the comics and the teaser animated episode.

Alas, a CGI Buffy would require people with vision and money, and that is a really short list. Seems like an interesting concept, though.
Finally! I've been waiting for this for like 3 years.

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