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February 06 2010

(SPOILER) Julie Benz interview on AfterEllen. She talks about her storyline on Desperate Housewives as well as her time on Angel and Dexter.

Spoilers for Desperate Housewives.

Can we settle something as a fandom right now?

Is it Drusilla or Druscilla?

Because I've always assumed its the former, but the latter pops up quite a bit in random places.

Also Julie Benz is wonderful so that was a nice interview to read. (It was her being in Dexter that got me to watch it; now its my favourite show (that's still running)).
It's Drusilla. Drucilla/Druscilla are actual variations, but not the character's particular spelling.

It's like how many times I've seen that absurd "Conner" misspelling.
I'm most appalled by Zander but Terra gets to me a little too. Are there any others? I'm surprised that I don't think I've ever seen Jayne misspelled. (Or if I do I just assumed they were talking about Jane Espenson but really I can't recall any context where that seems reasonable.)

About the interview though, Benz really saw Darla as asexual? I can't recall the details of sex scenes but otherwise in her Buffy tenure she sort of did that whole virgin ingenue thing in the pilot (and wasn't she some sort of prostitute while alive?), she was obviously pregnant for some time (though I forget if that was in onscreen detail) and then all those random suggestive three to foursome flashbacks. Or maybe she meant just with womenfolk since that was all mostly dialogue asides versus much by way of onscreen hinting.
I think she probably meant bisexual.

Shouldn't this be spoiler tagged?
Well, Darla was completely enamored with Angel which I'm not sure is asexual per se. It does however suggest that maybe she preferred intimacy to the act of sex itself which might lead to a somewhat asexual situation since she was deprived of Angel and never got over him.
I am utterly ashamed, I saw that Desperate Housewives episode and didn't even realize that it was her (though since I don't watch Dexter I hadn't seen her in awhile). Still, Oops!
And don't forget about "Josh Whedon". LOL.

"Angle" never ceases to crack me up.
Oh, I've seen Jayne spelled Jane. IIRC, it was on a fan site selling a T-shirt or something.

And don't forget Jiles. eyeroll

At least I've never seen Druzilla. What, is that some cross between the insane vampire and the giant lizard?

I actually caught part of the DH episode while @my folks', but didn't see her. Or, if I did, I wasn't paying enough attention to realize it was her.

I've seen two rather cheesy sci-fi-ish movies w/Juliet, though. "Ed Wood" (What a trip that movie is! Johnny Depp is perfect in that role.) and some weird apocalyptic movie that I can't remember the name of, but I think her character's name was Twinkletoes.

Anyone ever notice that the two main female vampires are played by actresses named Julie and Juliet? Juliet is a French and English variant of Julie, which is Latin for "young."

Drusilla is Latin for "mighty" and Darla is a modern adaptation of the Old English "dearling" or "darling."

Hacksaway, sorry about that. Fixed it now.
"Asexual" means not sexual, which Darla never struck me as at all... maybe she was looking for "indeterminate sexuality", or whatever word means that? Billions of essays have been written about how female vampire tends to mean "into girls also", though, so it's pretty much expected. For whatever reason it's a trope.
i'd say she meant omnisexual, or some varient thereof, in that Darla always struck me as a character who "got sexy" with people she found attractive regardless of gender. and damn, i've never watched Desperate Housewives but may have to check out this storyline.
Yeah, that seems fairly clear from the context. Julie's being asked if she'd ever played a lesbian before and brings up Darla herself. If you've just been asked about playing a specific sexual orientation you don't answer by bringing up a character you thought was totally sexless then say there were "insinuations" of same sex attraction, it makes more sense to just assume she brought up the character she considers closest to being a lesbian character. And where she mentions Darla not having had any love scenes she clearly means lesbian love scenes (unless she's just forgotten one of the pivotal character moments for both Darla and Angel. Which isn't impossible of course, it was a few years ago and happily she's worked a lot since then). Just used the wrong word is all, same as anyone might.

Nice interview. Not watched 'Desperate Housewives' in years but I didn't particularly dislike it when I did, might check some of Julie's episodes out.

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I think that I've seen every character's name misspelled. And it annoys me every.single.time.
I've even seen 'Josh Whondon' or something similar to that. And that was by someone writing fanfic! Grrr!!
"Grew up together" Julie was 24, Charisma 26. But I see her point.
Odd Charisma is so clsoe to Julie and at elast was very clzose to alyson considering the troubles ALy had with Julie in s-1 backsatge.

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