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February 06 2010

Dollhouse ARG Continuing? Senator Daniel Perrin just tweeted "Investigating Cause of Explosion in Tucson." Is it possible that we haven't seen the last of Dollhouse ARG stuff?

Sorry if I did anything wrong, this is my first time posting a story.

Oh man, how cool would it be if we got to get the rest of the story through this sort of media?
That would be pretty funny and very cool, actually. Except didn't the explosion in Tucson take place in like 2020?

Nothing new on the Rossum Corporation Web site:
No, the 2019 explosion was in LA. The tuscon one was in the normal timeline
Maybe the senator just wants to be around for the DVD release.
Why would he investigate it if he's a Doll?
To draw public attention to a group of terrorists targeting Rossum?
It's a conspiracy I'm telling you!
Is anyone from the show involved in the ARG at all? Is it by any chance canon?
Yes, everything on twitter is canon. Especially if it's from John Mayer. ; ]
Is John Mayer a doll?
warning dumb blonde question! Whats ARG?
Alternate Reality Game.
Why would he investigate it if he's a Doll?

He was only pretending to be a doll. He's actually one of the final five founders and has been all along from the very beginning.
I understood from previous comments by Joss and secondary sources that there was no chance (at this time) that the story would be continued in any other media. Notice I said "at this time" because I don't want Joss or anyone else to have to make another "not now, not never" statement.

But could the ARG be approved to drop little tidbits consistent with the already known story to keep interest up for the DVD release (as was suggested by The One True Bix.) Or is there even a remote chance that someone's been authorized to create some new content in this format?

I guess that's the question, eh?
Well, we know they created remote technology so yes, I'd say there is a remote chance....
ok.I'll go home now.
Interesting ... two new tweets from Senator Daniel Perrin today:

"My old assistant has a job as the IT guy in an office in Scranton. Huh."

and ... "Economy is tough still."

I replied (for grins) "It sure IS!"

Wonder what bearing on anything that could have.

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