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February 07 2010

Dichen talks about living in LA and Dollhouse in Adelaide, Australia radio interview. Interview was done by local brekky team, Fitzy, Jules, and Claire for massive radio station Nova. Not bad for a show that only Aussie Foxtel subscribers would have on their TV screens.

Yay! I live in Adelaide so it's great to hear Dichen talk about it. And we don't all sound that Australian those are very strong accents ;)

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I live in Adelaide too, I had no idea she was from here. That's awesome.
Oh no. I've been pronouncing her name wrong all this time! Fun interview.
Great to hear Dichen at home sharing stories of her adventures abroad, but glad she is back for new ones.

ETA She could do a whole new showreel showing her incredible range from her Dollhouse roles alone.

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Tonya J, I've completely been there. It took me forever to figure out how to pronounce Enver's last name.
Is there any spoilers for season 2 in this interview? A poor fellow like me hasnt seen it yet :(
Don't worry, there are no spoilers for Dollhouse.
Thanks, now it's listening time :)
I've been pronouncing it "Dee-ken" the whole time, glad to know I was correct. I hated seeing them spell it 'Ditchen' at the start though, made me cringe.

Another thing that annoyed me were the interviewers cutting in on her answers "--let me just ask you this". Let the girl finish, I was interested in hearing her anecdotes!

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