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February 07 2010

Happy Birthday Seth Green! He turns 36 today.

Why not celebrate by purchasing the new Robot Chicken season 4 box set?

Gosh, I so miss his appearances. Happy Birthday, Seth!
Happy Birthday, Seth! :)
Happy Birthday, Seth Green!
Happy Birthday, Seth!
seems like I hear him almost every week in Chris Griffin...and crap, he's my age! Happy birthday Mr. Green!
Happy Birthday Seth Green, and Happy Birthday to me! The coolest thing in the world, is that I share my birthday - albeit ten years apart - with one of the funniest men in the world.

I shall raise my drink to you... when I eventually get my drink on tomorrow. LoL
My favourite person I share a birthday with!
Happy b-day Seth, and happy b-day Avarice, and happy b-day digupherbones, and happy b-day, me!
: )
Happy Birthday Mr.Green!
I'm very curious as to when Freshmen will get up and running for the big screen.
And Happy Birthday to everyone else who's rockin the birthday suit today!(best day to be naked is on your birthday. Little known fact)
Happy birthday to my favorite werewolf ever! Hope your day is filled with awesome. And cake.
ITs your birthday, have a party, its your birthday, be happy!!!
Will that man ever look his age? And johnsmusicbox, Avarice, and digupherbones, do you look your age?

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