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February 07 2010

QMX announces "Atlas of the Verse: Volume One". It's the official guide to the Firefly/Serenity solar system with an introduction by Tim Minear. Will it become the must-have item for Browncoats?

This looks fabulous! Time to save some more pennies up, for this AND the keychain!

Non-Whedonverse Easter egg I just noticed on the 4th Qmx picture (the one of Hera): one of the geographical sites listed on Hera seems to be called S'Morgenstern. =) (After the fictitious author of a certain "Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure")
Is there a backside to the money? Or are you supposed to print the voucher on the other side. Want to be sure I'm doing this right.
Just tick the box for double sided printing!
Darn it. I need to get this. And the Serenity Blueprints. Just can't justify the expense right now. They look so shiny, though!
Oh balls.
Time to start saving once again. Looks wicked though :)
I'm drooling, but the price ...
The price seems expensive, but if it's half the quality of the blue print pack, it will be totally worth it!

Plus, how cool is the Browncoat scrip? I see a new prop for future Serenity RPGs in my future....
After viewing the YouTube promotional video on Qmx's website, I think what I saw (and mentioned above) is less of an easter egg and more of one of the auctioned planetside names from the [Austin Browncoats?] Equality Now fundraiser last year. Shiny! I was looking forward to seeing what names turned up from that!
The town Locha on Sihnon is named for one of the PA Browncoats - her boyfriend bought it for her and announced it at the end of CSTS Philly last year. It was adorable in a sickeningly sweet kind of way :)
It is quite a lot of money per page, but oh so shiny.
mbeauparland - If you're using it for an RPG, don't forget to download the freebie Independents' scrip that's on the product page. And if you're using it for the MW RPG, you'll find a lot of little nods in there, like Jasper Grove and a shot of a 14k Tong member.
Price inc cheapest shipping to the UK.... $68.79!!!! Thankfully now has it for a slighty more reasonable $50 shipped.
Just shipped from (if anyone reading from the UK!) Price was 24.99 + 2.50 postage, so around $42 in the end!!

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