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February 08 2010

Daniel Dae Kim takes lead role in "Hawaii Five-0" remake. The former Angel actor will be playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly. I guess they're re-doing old characters, then? I'd heard something about a modern next gen type thing, there was a mention of Steve McGarret's son as a character.
Since this is from the guys who wrote the Star Trek movie, I would expect a straight up remake. Modernized of course, but not a next generation kind of thing.
For those old enough to remember: "Book 'em, Dano!"
Who's taking the role of McGarrett's hair? Jack Lord's hair was practically its own character. Plus, now I'm going to be humming the theme all day.

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Thank you kazzmere. That just made my day.
Cool l'm old school, who grew up watching the old series and l am anxious to see how this plays out ,
That character name sounds Chinese, am I right? Considering that uproar about The last Airbender's cast having some funky casting decisions going on it'd be a step in the right direction to actually have Asians playing Asians of course. ...but I imagine it'd be slightly better if they actually acknowledged things like heritage/nationality if it's at all relevant. (Which being Hawaii I thought it slightly could be?)

It'd be cool to actually have Daniel Dae get to play a proper headlining lead though! (And there's not a chance of it happening but I would be amused if the other guy were Daniel Day Lewis.)
I'll watch this movie just for him. I really like him.

Semi-relatedly, I watched Crash the other week. Was he actually only in the film for, like, 3 seconds? Seems like a waste.
Michael Muhney has been tweeting a lot about being in talks for this. Either he's pressuring them to hire him or he has the part of Dano already and can't quite tell anyone.
I thought this was a series and not a movie?

And Muhney... I feel so bad for the guy since I know he gets pretty involved in campaigning for casting stuff, but while I actually kind of am intrigued by how open he is I wonder if that might make casting directors a little bit more wary of him if they know about it at all. (Like I remember back during the Veronica Mars era he made a really big deal about being a huge Joss fan when he ended up doing a bit of a cameo on the series, but two seasons of Dollhouse later with a lot of geekdom casting in even minorish roles and he still hasn't ended up in anything Whedon.)

Plus he's either very candid or a little self-aggrandizing since I keep seeing it mentioned that he was up for JD in Scrubs (just besides Zach Braff) and he was dropped from the pilot some undisclosed major series still on the air.
There was talk on the HR website about the guy from Moonlight playing McGarrett, but I'm neither particularly pro or con on the idea like the commenters were. They were either very for or against the idea, no middle grounds....
Isn't MM still on Young and the Restless? I know James Marsters auditioned for McGarrett.
He's always been so good in "Angel" and LOST.

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