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February 08 2010

(SPOILER) Dark Horse comics for May 2010. Including Buffy: Season 8 #35, Felicia Day's The Guild #3, and Zack Whedon's The Terminator #3.

That two month break between this issue and the next is going to be hard.
Ooh are we getting that rumoured Tales of the Slayers one-shot in June?

The solicit sounds exciting and I cannot wait for the "unmasked" Jo Chen cover.
We're getting two one-shots.In June I believe is a Serenity one-shot focused on Wash.Then probably in July will be a Buffy one-shot most likely focused on more of the vampires being loved,slayers being hated.It might have a focus on some of the slayers.Not ones we know though.
Love the Uncanny X-Men #138 homage cover! I'm really loving all the nods to classic comics in this arc.
So if I'm reading the plot bit correctly, does this not imply that Twilight might not be the Big Bad?
Eh, I think they're trying to be as open as possible on that big bad descriptor. Either Twilight is revealed (as well as his master plan) and that then gives them more of a face to who/what exactly they're fighting, or his masterplan reveals some sort of even graver threat.

Has we seen this Jo Chen cover before? I'm so confused at the moment since I've more or less been treating Jo's ones as the "main" cover, since she does the TPBs but at my store for whatever reason by the time I got there, there was only one Chen cover left for 31. (I just assumed that meant they ordered more of the Jeantys one) Wait, do these come in 50:50 or do retailers actually pick whichever ones they favor?

Anyway, I've dug these latest Jeantys comic book homages and sort of wish Chen were doing them too. While it's a bit more interesting than the mere floaty heads like I originally suspected and I wonder where they're going to put the logo I'd like more thematic plot hints. (Granted now that I think about it in conjunction with the other cover maybe it does serve that purpose)
Earlier in S8 the covers were sent to retailers in a set ratio that I'm pretty sure favored Jeanty's covers.

But I've heard that the policy has since changed and retailers can now order them in whatever ratio that they like. I know of one store that orders just 1 copy of Jeanty's cover and 40+ copies of Chen's.
Pretty sure that the Jeanty cover was rarer back in the day. On, you had to buy something like 2 (or was it 4) issues to be guaranteed a Jeanty cover... at least back in the day. Now, as has been noted, you can pick whichever cover you want.
Even though we've seen both of those covers before (along with the "Unmasked Variant" of Jo Chen's), I still have reactions of "beautiful" and "stunning" and "awesome, retro homage" in regards to Jeanty's.
Earlier in the season, the Jeanty covers were at a 1:4 ratio. Now, it seems they're 50/50. Or at least less Chen-favorey than 1:4.

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The comic stores I go to always seem to have roughly a 50/50 mix of the two covers. I just assumed they were printed in that ratio. Guess not.
Actually, the shops I go to always had more Jeanty covers after a few days of being on the racks. Seems like everyone bought up the Jo Chen ones, and they had plenty left over.
My comics shop only has Chen covers--they used to have both. I like the Chen covers best, but sometimes I'd have to pick up a Jeanty one if they ran out of Chen back in the day. Guess they realized Chen's covers sold more, so they went entirely with her.

I don't like buying the same comic twice for a different cover, so I take comfort in knowing ALL the covers will eventually be collected in the Season 8 hardcovers.

ETA: I got so confused with all the leaked/revealed Buffy covers and thought this one was supposed to be for #33 or 34. Glad it's #35 and not something I just imagined.

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CBR solicitations with hi-res images HERE.

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