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February 09 2010

Felicia Day Lightsaber Fight. From The Jace Hall Show.

There's also a video of an outtake.

I know this is from a few days ago, so it's not new to everyone, but it just seems too awesome (and funny) to not have a thread here.
Wow, Felicia would make a fantastic Mara Jade if there were ever to be a, oh I don't know, live action Star Wars TV series....
Did I hear an F-word in that outtake? My innocence is shattered, I'm tellin' ya...

As burned out as I am on Star Wars, Felicia makes anything fun.
That was hysterically funny! Lurve it. "Kwoon" of Uldun!

Don't use that!
She's convincingly fierce in the actual saber duel part. I can totally see her playing the heroine in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.
"That's, Carl... my assistant."
I've said it before, I'll say it again: Felicia Day IS an action star! She (and most of the world) just doesn't know it yet. :)
Felicia Day as Mara Jade would be ridiculously awesome.

I suppose you couldn't do the Thrawn novels (young versions of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher being unavailable), but I'm sure there's plenty of Mara Jade backstory to be explored, particularly if Ian McDiarmid does come back for the TV series.
I love that part at the beginning, with Felicia and Michael geeking out about each other's work.
Felicia is awesomeness incarnate.
She is. That was terrific.
I suspect that if the producers auctioned off that saber, the one she wielded, it would fetch a high price due to her.
That was excellent, Felicia is indeed awesome.
Oh wow, that was seriously great. I'm super duper impressed.
Felicia Day, awesome. Michael "Dorkman" Scott, also awesome in the background.

The lightsabre fight videos he co-created are here. The music came from the second, and yes, to declare an interest, that's my name in the list of Associate Producer credits, which meant I gave them ten dollars towards production costs.
The outtake is even funnier:
Just when you think Felicia can't get any hotter, she whips out a lightsaber. Atta girl!

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