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February 09 2010

Eliza Dushku to star in horror thriller film "Zoe". Our former slayer and doll will now be waitressing at a greek restaurant opposite Freddie Prinze Jr. and James Van Der Beek in this independent horror-thriller. Update: Eliza confirms it's just a rumor.

I edited a bit to make the headline more specific. The information at the link is sparse but it says she is toplining, which is great.
Straight-to-DVD bets anyone? I'll probably check it out.
I thought James Van Der Beek fell into a black hole... good to see Dawson lives on
Am i totally crazy or do I remember Eliza saying that she was going to retire from acting and go to school after Dollhouse?
I sort of was hoping that Eliza's pursuits after DH would be a bit... more than what she had done before. She's very talented, and it's kind of disheartening to see her do these kinds of movies.

Ah well, a girl's gotta pay rent, I suppose.
Well she's rumored to star in Ghostbusters III, alongside Anna Faris. That could be cool.
Apparently Joss' career intervention didn't take. Put me down for "depressed".
IMDB lists Eliza as a Producer of this film.

Interesting side note, looking at the cast pictures was yummy-delightfulness. What a good looking group. Nothing bad could possibly happen to them....
I couldn't be the only one thinking that Faith might nail Buffy's husband this time. That girl is relentless. lol ;)
I thought James Van Der Beek fell into a black hole... good to see Dawson lives on

I thougt so too until his recent appearance on Mercy. Maybe he's going for a Dawn/Faith combo deal this year?

Also not a fan of Eliza doing more Wrong Turn-ish movies but the producer cred gives me hope. An inadequately filled glass of hope that has recently been knocked over by my cat, but hope nonetheless.
I'd be wary of this, folks. The movie was announced back in 2006 and never came to be for whatever reason. Eliza just tweeted today that producing Mapplethorpe is her next project, and she also did an interview recently stating the same thing at the charity event she was at last Thursday. Maybe Eliza's production company is picking up the tab to make it a reality, but I'm a little doubtful on that one. I'm kinda hoping it's not being made a reality because this really does sound like another crappy straight to DVD film that Dollhouse should have rocketed her beyond.
This is the perfect kind of film for Eliza.
And back in the B movie swamp she goes. :-(
I think this would be a huge step backward for her. She has grown so much over the course of Dollhouse.

Basically, please don't let this be true!
Eh, just since we know she's got a broader range doesn't mean she's instantly going to get tons of offers. Plus if she really is producing this maybe she's gradually working her way toward that biopic she wanted her brother to star in and she's testing the waters from TV producing to film.

I'm actually a little curious though, if this does get made, since the plot description doesn't particularly give away any horror elements. Maybe it's a psychological thriller which is marginally more reputable as things go.

I would dig it if she did end up being one of the female Ghostbusters though.

Oh, plus I assume it's not like she's degrading herself or her career to do this. She voluntarily did the voice acting for Wet which is more of this same slightly B-movie vibe. (I was a little hurt to find out about fashion week or something and she was listed as a C or D list celebrity that doesn't actually get paid to fill seats at fashion shows? Along with "B-lister" Kristen Bell who was the only other person I particularly liked on the list but they're only compensated for/with hair and makeup?)
I also think it would be hilarious if her and Freddie hook up in the movie.
Without the "thriller" part, I would've pegged this as a cheesy RomCom.
orangewaxlion, her next project is the biopic with Nate. No testing of the waters necessary ;)

If anyone is interested, recent Eliza interview where she states what her next project is:

I saw that fashion week thing too, but then I saw a lot of people also say that the source website is well known for putting out bogus info, so you know, Eliza and Kristen might not be that bad off after all! I would have thought that doing Dollhouse would have at least given her B-list status!
That's exactly what I was thinking, marvelknight616.
Does anyone know how well Sarah and Eliza got along on the set? I remember reading SMG was estranged from everybody aside from Michelle Trachtenburg--the only cast member invited to her wedding.
I'm a little perturbed at your apparent views on the horror genre, orangewaxlion. It can produce great works just as any other genre and it is not inherently "lower" than a thriller or anything else. Horror does not automatically mean cheap false scares and gore... it is about much, much more than that.
And here I was hoping Eliza would be cast in that zombie series AMC is doing. :)
Oh no, I'm totally down w/ horror movies, it's just Exorcist aside... and to some extent Aliens-- They're not prestige pictures which some people seem to be hoping Dushku would get around to. And incidentally most of the horror movies I've seen Dushku do aren't the good ones.

Also one other point: come on. A Buffy fan! ^_^

Anyway though, hrm, assuming they stick to the comic book closely it seems like any character Dushku could even remotely match in Walking Dead seems fairly doomed. Unless they'd turn the lead cop into a woman...

I really would like to see her play against type though. We've already seen her play bad-ass [survivor] in more or less everything (and even in Dollhouse somehow the blind vulnerable cult member ended up knocking someone out) so I'm curious how she'd do with lighter or at all more novel fare.

I agree w/ BlindHawkeyes the descriptor could just as easily be a romantic comedy and I'd have been okay with seeing Dushku do a good one.

Was curious about that biopic though, thanks for the link! I know that some people have a dream project but they never get around to actually getting to achieve it and I had no idea how far along things were besides them getting the rights.
Here's hoping this isn't a sign of where her post-Dollhouse career is going. It's great that she's listed as a producer, but I want more for her than a horror movie with a couple of washed-up teen stars... no offence to Mr. Gellar intended.
well Eliza just tweeted to perezhilton
@perezhilton Heya snookums. Mapplethorpe is next. Zoe is rumor-city. Besos
so probably no Zoe movie
I really don't understand and cannot get behind some of these anti-horror-ish or horror isn't "legitimate" or "prestige" of a genre sentiments on here... but, to each their own unique opinions on anything, needless to say.
Thanks liljemsey. She tweeted something similar to After Ellen. I updated the post.

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