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February 10 2010

Dollhouse auctions continue on Ebay. VIP Auctions posted more Dollhouse items. Includes clothes, jewelry, paperwork props, the earpiece imprinting tech from the finale, and Caroline and Topher's imprint wedges.

Barring Kate Walsh's character from Private Practice, Claire Saunders is the best dressed doctor I've ever seen on screen. That Badgley Mischka dress is sumptuous.

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Damn Maurissa for (probably) keeping Kilo's usb drives. I wonder if she kept Kilo's wig too.
I wonder how much money they've made from these auctions. O.o
Do we know that any of the props were kept by cast and crew?
Wouldn't the wedge in the "Echo" envelope actually be Ballard's?
I kept something from Topher's lab. I'm naughty like that.
Hmm good point. The item description's a bit off there. And it looks like the scene photo is of a third wedge, the one Bennett's memory of Caroline is on.
Was Kilo's new hair a wig? I thought Maurissa got a new 'do with bangs between episodes.

I can't wait to make my own USB earpiece based off these photos. I'm sure it will cost less than bidding on the set of six. Interesting to see that each tech-head had a different type of holster for his/her device.
I want to place a bid on Topher's wedge, just so I can send it to Franz. Alas, if I had money...
Love Bennett's cuckoo clock necklace. Nice touch. :)
I'm so confused by how they decide to break down these auctions.
It seems like the handset imprinters could have each been individually auctioned for a greater profit than all of them together... (Or even in pairs.) Heck, I wonder if that Topher post-it note might have been sellable on its own.

Also, it's interesting Tahmoh got a custom-tailored suit for use on the show (when it seems they didn't do that or not often w/ Harry.) Not sure what's up with the sizes listed though.
Kind of sad that the actors don't get to keep the name-backs from their own chairs. What a badge of honor that would be.

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