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February 10 2010

"Veronika Decides To Die" to hit shelves in April. The SMG movie arrives on the 27th of the month.

I'd sure like to see one of her movies make it to a theater.
Yeah I know wasnt there a lot of buzz surrounding this film not to long ago though? It just kinda seemed to have faded away which is a real shame. Also kinda annoyed that theres not much said about a UK/Irish release!
Saw it. It's a good movie.

Don't read the synopsis though! It kinda ruined it for me. =(
I was hoping this would be Sarah's great movie to come out in theaters, but regardless I am very excited it has a release date!
I wonder why its been difficult to get Sarah's movies into the theater?
I've been waiting for this one and "Possession" for what seems like forever. The book "Veronica Decides to Die" was very interesting, and Sarah seems a good fit for the part. I'm looking forward to its release!
I think there was a distributor problem for this movie (they went bankrupt? can't remember exactly) and that's why it was never released. It got some great reviews so I'm looking forward to it.
I think there was a distributor problem for this movie (they went bankrupt? can't remember exactly) and that's why it was never released.

That's what happened to Possession .This movie simply couldn't get a distributor for the US as well as apperently the UK .
I'm glad the film is finally being released, even if it is only DVD. I rarely go to the cinema these days anyway, so... :)
SMG was pretty good in it, as was David Thewlis. Saw the ending coming a mile off though. It's worth checking out IMO but i've still to see her in a film i'd just unreservedly recommend/evangelise to anyone.
@Saje - Personally, I could easily see myself doing that with The Air I Breathe. I thought that film was sorely underrated and under-appreciated. But then, I'm somewhat of a sucker for "Hyperlink" films. :)
Really liked the premise of 'The Air I Breathe' kungfubear (that sort of 'convergence of fate' story is right up my alley, loved the type since at least as far back as the Next Generation episode 'Tapestry') and the leads but the film itself ended up a bit less than the sum of its parts for me.
It's funny. My take on TAIB is that it would have worked better if they'd cut the interconnected story lines and made it into a straight romantic adventure featuring the SMG and Brendan Frasier characters.
You mean "Cruel Intentions" wasn't that film for you, Sajacious? Huh.
Y'know, it depends SNT. Sometimes that little bit of spit hanging between SMG and Selma Blair adds to the "moment" and sometimes I come down on the slightly gross side. And a controversy of that stature means I just can't recommend it unreservedly.

My take on TAIB is that it would have worked better if they'd cut the interconnected story lines and made it into a straight romantic adventure featuring the SMG and Brendan Frasier characters.

Yeah it might well have worked better as a film, it'd just be much less interesting to me personally.
@Saje - Same here. For me, what is so appealing about "Hyperlink" films, is the way in which they intersect characters and lives at specific moments, to compliment and inform each other, making for a richer overall experience. I like that the movie isn't "just" about Sarah and Brendan's characters. If it were, things might get a bit too tedious or melodramatic (at least, more than they already are). There is so much we learn about these two by following them separately and through other characters they interact with. It would have been very limiting if they were only defined by their moments together or how one perceives the other.

I think the other characters are ultimately very necessary, even the smaller, seemingly insignificant parts. Were it not for the scenes between Garcia and Whitaker, we wouldn't know the full extent of what Garcia's character is capable of, and we therefore wouldn't fear for the love interests as much. Also, those scenes are needed to provide some kind of relatively positive ending. Emil Hirsch is also pivotal. It's Fraser's time with him and what he does for him that make us care all that much more for Fraser's character, thus strengthening the desire to see him end up with Sarah's character.

I could go on, but you get the idea. Point is, I personally find the film to be deeply effective and rewarding, even if there's one particular scene involving a character death I could have very much done without. The movie is certainly more subtle, restrained and less manipulative than it's Oscar-winning bigger Brother, "Crash". Though I enjoy that film as well, I think The Air I Breathe is the better version. More mature, less forced and obvious and more deserving of acclaim and status. But, maybe that's just me. :)
Yeah when done well it really informs (and often complicates) the characters. And that's actually one way in which I thought 'Crash' worked better. Matt Dillon's character for instance is a small-minded racist and a good, even heroic, policeman. From a character perspective the "tapestry" film works best for me when it's saying "No-one is all one thing, we have interweaving worlds within" and TAIB maybe didn't work quite so well for me in that respect.

And then there's the plot element of those sorts of films which demonstrates the idea of small changes having huge consequences, the whole "for want of a nail the kingdom was lost" idea. I get a frisson from that maybe partly because (just being an everyday guy and not a shaker of worlds myself ;) i'm happy to believe that small changes can have huge consequences but also because it leads to a kind of 'Angel'esque morality in that everything you do could change the course of a life, so pay attention to everything you do. It makes day to day life and small kindnesses important in other words, rather than the huge, spectacular, singular events we're encouraged to think are all that matters by most films.

(don't get me wrong BTW, 'Crash' is a hugely manipulative film and very obvious in a lot of ways. What can I say though, I was manipulated, it worked on me even though I could see what it was doing, probably largely because there wasn't a bad performance in there IMO. That and the power of "invisible cloaks". Dunno what it is about those things but they can move grown men to tears, i'll tell you that ;)
I'ven't rewatched my copy

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