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February 10 2010

Does Dollhouse feature zombies? Dollhouse gets brought up in a discussion about zombies on the Sunday Night Safran podcast.

John Safran and Fr Bob Maguire interview film historian Alexandra Heller-Nicholas about zombies and the "Dead Set: Zombie TV" session on at ACMI in Melbourne (which is set to feature further discussion on Dollhouse). Interview starts at 35:40. More information on the conference can be found here.

Wait, a second. I thought everybody agreed that Zombies are dead right? Is there some agrument about that?

Looks up in paper dictionary. "2. A dead body brought to life."

Reavers are not Zombies.
Butchers are not Zombies.

Been seeing comercials for a movie called Crazies. Betcha they are not Zombies either.
I think Dollhouse featured a modern zombie, an updated zombie.

In my day to day life I've heard people referred to as zombies and from a variety of causes: drugs, technology, depression, etc. They may not be physically dead but a part of them is.

There is the standard definition of a zombie, but is it open to change or updates? Twilight updated the vampire, but I don't particularly like acknowledging those creatures as vampires. I don't mind thinking of Butchers as an updated zombie, though.

So I think it's up the individual to decide. I'm very liberal like that.
Like Reavers are space zombies.

Like Butchers are zombie imprints.
28 Days Later was basically a zombie movie (did they do the first--or were the first to popularize--"fast" zombies or did the Dawn of the Dead remake come out first?) even though technically they were just humans infected with monkey rage. Or something.

Plus zombies in most cases have absolutely nothing to do with houdoo or voodoo I seem to recall.

I think it's just people need some sort of catchall term for any instance where there are hordes of people with little to no volition of their own. Plus we have trouble enough with Frankenstein's monsters to even try properly categorizing another concept in distinct groups.

Oh, and if we're bringing up Twilight's vampires then yeah, if those get lumped in with other vampires then butchers being like reavers being like zombies is close enough. I still find the idea of vampires sparkling a little hilarious, but the thing that got me most annoyed with that series even before I found out all the other reasons was the fact their vampires are considered "vegetarians."

If we're going to get into a kerfluffle about mislabeling things, I'd say it's more annoying that she's totally misattributing the beliefs of a bunch of people that actually exist in reality. I fail to see how "oh we eat animal blood but that's okay since it's not human" is parallel to "we don't consume animals."
This is kind of like any other discussion about categories describing objects or states with several distinct properties - everyone's line is in a different, largely arbitrary place.

Take vampires for instance. I bet no-one here would have a problem saying Buffyverse vampires are vampires. Yet they couldn't shapeshift (except for Dracula, whose differences to "normal" vampires were deliberately highlighted) and could cross running water or touch silver without problems. Dracula himself (in the book) could go out in daylight and yet to many people a vampire that goes out in daylight isn't a vampire. Garlic variously affects them or doesn't, stakes have special status or don't, as do crosses etc. etc.

Zombies are the same. Undead/not, fast/slow, viral/magic, eats brains/not necessarily etc. There's a sliding scale in other words from "fulfills every criteria ever heard of for membership of the category in question" to "fulfills none of the accepted criteria of the category" with almost all implementations (and everyone's "line of membership") falling somewhere in between.
While by no means all-encompassing, this might help. Draws some interesting distinctions between various types of zombies.
Just want to warn everyone that deepgirl187's link is to TV Tropes (in case you were planning on getting any more work done today :).

Also, I was a little down, but find myself immensely cheered up by discussion about what a zombie really is. Go figure.
Just want to warn everyone that deepgirl187's link is to TV Tropes (in case you were planning on getting any more work done today :).

Mwa ha ha ha ha. ;)

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