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November 07 2003

Summary of the Buffy conference in Dublin. Elizabeth Anne Allen and D.B. Woodside were the guests and there's some interesting info regarding Principal Wood. It seems he and Spike were to be in the Faith spinoff (contains '24' spoilers).

Though I would have liked a Faith spinoff, and am still hopeful we'll get one, I don't feel it would have been the best place for Spike. Though we'd have the conflict between him and Wood (which would be good, but not as good as the Spike/Angel relationship), he never interacted with Faith that much and it would have been difficult to come up with a reason as to why a ghostly Spike (apparently that's what he would be) would stay with Faith and Wood rather than go and find Buffy.
Also, I never liked Wood, but the character would have probably been rethought and changed (like Wes), though the watcher/lover role he would of played in Faith's life would have been interesting.
If the spinoff idea came up halfway through the filming of season 7, that was probably before it was decided that Spike would die in Chosen. Any number of things could have happened differently had they gone ahead with the Faith show.
I watched Tru Calling for the first time last night and its days are numbered.
And after watching it I am not sure I would want to watch a Faith spin off.
And it does make you wonder what the original story lines for Angel season 5 were to have been.
According to JM, at the beginning of s7, he was informed that Spike was going to die in the finale. He was going to be a ghost in the Faith spin-off (this came from Tim Minear, who would have written/produced it). And the Faith spin-off would have been like 'Kung Fu'- Faith riding around on a motorcycle and getting guidance from her ghostly mentor.

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That could have been quite funny, a ghostly Spike trying to teach Faith how to fight, they could have had those training scenes like the Buffy/Giles ones in seasons 1-3.
Also, just because Tru Calling sucks is no reason to believe that "Faith" would too, the writing would be better, the stories would be better, and from the one episode of "Tru" I've seen, the character of Faith is much better than Tru. And Joss, should be reason enough alone why the show wouldnt suck.
I agree that we shouldn't automatically assume a Faith spinoff would've been bad because Tru Calling apparently is (haven't seen it, so I can't comment about the quality of the show). What I liked about this interview is that there was more confirmation from another person involved on the set who said SMG was fun and nice to work with. This is the second time in the past week that there has been confirmation about this and I for one am happy. I was so sick of the SMG bashing that had been going on when Buffy ended and all the claims by fans that they heard she was a real bitca to the rest of the cast. These past articles seem to definitely conflict with that and no one can blame a woman for wanting to start a family and spend more time with her husband. We heard from James Marsters on the Chaos Bleeds interview that she was "like a little sister to him" and that they got a long great and now from Elizabeth that "she was great fun" to work with and from DB Woodside that she saved his character from being killed off. It seems to me that everyone who has done interviews regarding Buffy really enjoyed their time on the show.
Regarding SMGs relationship to the cast- From all the interviews I've read it seems to me at most that there sometimes was 'tension' on the set, which really isn't all that unusual and shouldn't be too surprising. I'd be surprised if there weren't any tension after several years of a high pressure job. It doesn't mean that they were all at each others' throats all that time.
Thanks for the heads-up about the '24' spoilers:-)

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