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February 11 2010

(SPOILER) Christian Kane's "Super Happy Power Go" commercial. Or rather his character Eliot's commercial within last night's episode of "Leverage." One of those must be seen to be believed things. Spoiler if you haven't seen the episode yet. (Link title edited for word order.) Please note: "Ray Chappell" is Eliot's nomme du caper for the episode -- that really is Christian Kane.

Heee! Thanks for the link. :)

Loved last night's episode. Christian's facial expressions are a thing of beauty. And Parker speaking Spanish was awesome. Also: Sterling. :)

And since there was that thread the other day where we were talking about misspelled character names...ahem.

It's spelled "Eliot". One L, not two.
Er, oops. Fixed spelling.
What, nobody's mentioned yet that this *has* to be a Fruity Oaty Bars homage? Ok, I'm saying it. Next we'll see Hardison posting a comment on Whedonesque.
That would be cool.
Speaking of, I thought I heard Christian lending his (normal) voice to some advertisement for a relief group. The ad ended too quickly for me to recall what group it was; moreover I was far too wrapped up in thinking, "Why is Lindsey helping these folks out?" to truly pay attention.

Anyone else know about this, or am I simply totally insane?

(Or should that be "and/or"...?)

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