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February 11 2010

The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon loves Firefly. A link to a video from last Monday's episode, for everyone who missed the episode.

Might not be front-page material, so feel free to delete it, but I loved this little reference.

Yes, I cheered when Sheldon condemned Murdoch as the de facto canceler of 'Firefly'!
I wonder if TBBT gang are fans of Dr. Horrible too ;)
I instinctively shouted, "Hah!" after that line. Of course, that didn't help my campaign to convince my wife that I'm not a geek...
But of course Sheldon is a Browncoat - would there be any logical reason to doubt such a thing?
roadi did you upload this clip?
*snicker* It still makes me laugh-dash-whoop when I see it. Say what you say about Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D, he knows good TV! :D
Saw the shout and liked it though it makes me smile slightly that it was surely partly there to show us how extreme Sheldon is in his responses and yet we're all just like "Yay, cool shout-out" with no-one batting an eye at how amusingly disproportionate it is ;).

(there's a Buffy shout-out in the first episode of series 2 of "Being Human" BTW, if/when it comes on in the US. Annie at least is a fan ;)
@Simon: No, I didn't upload the clip.
@Saje: Yeah, I know, what you mean. My brian tells me: It's only uber-geek Sheldon who hates "Babylon 5", but when he likes "Firefly", I'm all: Sheldon and BBT love "Firefly", yay!

[ edited by roadi on 2010-02-12 14:40 ]
But Babylon 5 was awful - everyone knows that.
White Staristas, attack !

Or Star Furians, whoever's nearest.
Babylon 5 wasn't awful... it was low-budget, season one was trashy and season 5 was boring, seasons 2-4 were amazing. The storytelling was great and the ambassador-actors were great. All the spin-off-attempts were horrible.
Sorry - I could never get past all the spaceship thingies that looked too much like poorly conceived digital renders of lava lamp oil deposits.
I think the show was the first to use CGI-spaceships, groundbreaking (and award-winning) work at these times. i don't care about the CGI, if I like the storytelling.
Whatever, I had to think about "Babylon 5" a lot while watching "Battlestar Galactica" and I enjoyed most of it.

Back to topic: "Firefly" was the best.... Rupert Murdoch is traitor #1!
I stood up and cheered. I loved it. It was grand.
Saje, I saw that ep of Being Human but Annie said Nina the werewolf was on Buffy when actually she was on Angel..

Anyway, loved the Firefly reference :)
Yeah, maybe not a big fan but more what you might call an interested normal viewer ;). Still, a shout-out's a shout-out.

Or is it ? Is an incorrect shout-out actually a shout-out ? Grey area maybe.
Babylon 5 was amazing.
I'm so glad someone posted this. The day after the episode aired, I looked and looked for this clip to post here, but couldn't find it. When it happened in the episode, I laughed out loud, which rarely happens when I'm watching something by myself.
As if Rupert Murdoch had anything to do with canceling Firefly...

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