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February 11 2010

Erika Amato in new musical in New York. "Signs of Life" is a true story set in Prague on the eve of the second World War. Oh, and if you're thinking "Erika who?", read about her and her band Velvet Chain's connections with BtVS.

This musical runs from February 16 - March 21 at the Amas Musical Theatre in Greenwich Village, a "non-profit, multi-ethnic organization."

Preview tickets are $40, after February 24 they're $55; Facebook users get a $5 discount.

Added a link to more info about Erika for those who may not be aware of her relationship to Buffy.
Funny, earlier today I was trying to remember the name of the group that recorded the Buffy song, I knew it was Velvet something. I had no idea that Seth Green played guitar on that track. How cool is that, Whedonesque is so educational.
Whoo Hoo! Go Erica! Did she post that on Myspace? I must have missed it if she did.
menomegirl She posted it on the Bronze, then emailed me the information.

SNT Sorry - I guess I kind of assumed everyone would know who she was. She dropped by the Bronze the other night to let us know, and asked us to spread the word.
Ah-that's why I missed it. I wasn't around and haven't scrolled the board.

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