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February 11 2010

Fan recreates Dr. Horrible finale theme in old-timey video game style.

This chip-tune remake of "Everything You Ever" serves as an audio preview of what creator "Doctor Octoroc" plans to turn into a full-length recreation of Dr. Horrible in 8-bit animation, complete with soundtrack.

That is mightily awesome.
That's surprisingly effective.
I hope he does the whole damn soundtrack. Epic ringtones.

edit: Okay, so he already did the rest... now to wait for them to be released.

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How incredibly brilliant! I never would have thought to use 8-bit game sounds in a retro project like this. Hopefully I'll remember to check back to hear the rest when they're released!
Awesomeness!! :)
I just can't stop smiling! :D
Yes. YES. This is one of the coolest things I have ever heard. Mad, mad props to this guy.

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8-bit remixes = EPIC!
Wow, that is awesome.
Theme music, perhaps, for Jane Espenson's production company, Tragic Robot.*

*Made-up thing.
Oh, wow. I love it when you never realised things needed to exist in the world and then they do. That's awesome.
I have to credit b!X and his @UnofficialME Twitter account for bringing this and other awesome things to my attention. I don't want to make a habit out of just reposting to Whedonesque the stuff he tweets, and since he can't do it himself, it'd be worth following him if you want to get the jump on Joss news.
That is freaking awesome. Can't wait to see the animation.
Aside from it sounding like it's supposed to, like an 8-bit version of Dr. Horrible, I was trying to place which classic video games it reminded me of, but I dunno what it'd best fit with. Parts of "Everything You Ever" sound a little Legend of Zelda-ish, but other parts wouldn't fit into that game series (or even just the original).

When I think of 8-bit music (when a particular track gets stuck in my head), I usually think of MegaMan (especially the second one on the NES) or any of the various Mario games. Or Little Nemo.

Be interesting to see what sort of 8-bit style he goes with.
Actually, I like it better without the lyrics, and in this style (wasn't a fan of the end of DrH, to be honest). This would sound BRILLIANT at the end of some technopunk/sci-fi NES game, like MegaMan or the like.

Verily, 'tis awesome.

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