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February 11 2010

Comic book artists becoming Hollywood directors. Joss Whedon and John Cassaday comment on this current trend in Hollywood.

Interesting article. It makes sense that being a comics artist would help when it comes to visual story-telling but as Joss says, there's a helluva lot more to great directing than that (apparently ;) - "actors" in comics are fairly easy to wrangle for instance.

OT BTW, but has anyone else heard "died at the wickets" before ? Sort of "fell at the first fence" presumably (or "didn't even get out of the gate [or 'wicket']") but it's not an expression i've ever heard and given the cricket implications over here it makes me smile - if you somehow manage to "die at the wickets" then you must be 22 yards wide/long ;).
I have no idea what it means, but I'd like to see John Cassaday draw it.
Whatever it is, you know it'd have clean lines and immaculate panel composition.
Formally elegant, yet emotionally gripping.

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