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February 12 2010

SFX Magazine's one season wonders. It's not a list without Firefly.

On this list I watched Firefly (duh ;)), Odyssey 5 (enjoyed it a lot), Miracles (breathtakingly good), Wonderfalls (never got into it that much, despite the great dialogs) and Moonlight (which I really enjoyed, despite some predictable plotting). On the clunkers list I watched... Earth 2 (which I didn't like because it was so mind-numbingly boring).

Missing, I'd say, is 'Space: Above and Beyond' which did what the new BSG was doing years before it did it and was great television, and 'Dark Skies', which many feel is a poor man's X-Files, but which was actually atmospheric, mysterious fun.
I would add Threshold. Loved that show.
Yeah, 'Space: Above and Beyond' deserved a chance to unhang that cliff.

Thought this was familiar but it's this thread I was thinking of (which also featured "one season wonders" and, us being us, a discussion about what a "one season wonder" actually is ;).

The SFX list scores for including 'Firefly' and 'Wonderfalls', puzzles immensely for including 'Moonlight' (even with their "not really, oh OK really" caveats) and then brings it over the line to cheers from an adoring me for 'The Middleman'.

(and also reminds, by including "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.". Yet another one i've been meaning to get hold of. So all in all a bit of a roller-coaster of a list. And a box of chocolates to boot)
One gem missing from that list is "Defying Gravity", ABC's sci/fi epic that got buried by a lack of advertising and enthusiasm. 8 Episodes were shown on American TV, 13 are now available on DVD.
'Defying Gravity' was just OK IMO, lots of potential that it never quite realised. 'Journeyman' was must see TV though (and no prospect of a DVD either). Same for 'The Inside' for that matter.
I would add Threshold. Loved that show.

I loved it too! It had excellent acting (including Brent Spiner), a fascinating, intelligent plot, and a dark and suspenseful tone. It never seems to get the praise it deserves on these lists.
I suspect that's partly because of its whole "different title for each phase/season of show" which the creators had planned - ie. Threshold was only supposed to run for a single season before turning into Foothold, Stranglehold etc. We got the whole first phase of the show intact.
True, but my impression was the first part was supposed to be at least 22 episodes, not just the 13 or so we got. The show certainly ended abruptly, as the producers had to slap on a rushed 'wrap-up' scene which basically amounted to having a kid from the future tell the lead "things will turn out fine, except you'll die!" Ugh.

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