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February 12 2010

Shuttle crew wakes up to Ballad of Serenity. NASA tweets about a very special wakeup call for the astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour. And the mp3 link to the wake up music can be found here.

What a lovely thing to do. Kudos to who ever arranged that.
Hey, Paolo, he took the sky from us!
Awe. Some.

(it'd never wake me up though, too short, I need an alarm with stamina)
That's just about the coolest damn thing I heard all week.
...and then the space shuttle program was canceled. Coincidence?
CAPCOM Shannon Lucid: Good morning Endeavour. And a special good morning to you
today, Bob.
Mission Specialist Bob Behnken: Well thank you, Shannon. And a special good morning
back to you guys down in Houston for helping us out so much yesterday for a
successful EVA 1. And I'd also just like to say that both on Endeavour and on the
ISS, there is a little piece of Serenity for each of us who are fans of the Firefly
series. Thanks.

Someone at Nasa sent us a link to the mp3 file so I added the link to the entry.
Geeks. Love them. Plus in any case I think this might be more akin to Dollhouse, they sort of already knew they were canceled going in but nevertheless the last episodes will still see airtime?
This is beautiful, and great to hear first thing in MY morning. And it's a lovely coda to the 'Breaking Atmo' project, too.
That gave me shivers, listening to the mp3.
I knew the space folks liked the show, but I'm still pinching myself. A wonderful tribute to the show that they're all really a part of space.

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If you're wondering what he means by a little piece of Serenity on the ISS, it's likely he's referring to this.
I've recently been working with the CIO of the International Space Station in Houston. I'll let him know that fandom appreciates this gesture! As a tech guy he probably played no role in choosing the wakeup music, but who knows?
I'm really glad it was in response to the astronauts being fans, since otherwise it would have been awesome but a lil' awkward. Now it's 100% pure awesome with a side of awesomeberries.
What an honor!
Ooo, Joss! Lookit whatchoo did!
Someone at Nasa ...

Awe. Some. ^2.

Cheers for the MP3 NASA (and B!x). And for all our sakes, please, please keep flyin'.
Almost enough to renew my faith in humanity. :) Definitely warm & fuzzy to know that there are still firefly fans at NASA.
Thanks for posting lexigeek, that TOTALLY made my day! Browncoats are everywhere...even in space. :)
Plus this Reaver reference:

Thanks for RT of #Firefly wake up song, @NathanFillion. Follow @NASA for all your Reaver-free space exploration news
about 2 hours ago from HootSuite (sorry, don't know how to link to an individual tweet).

I wonder if it's a bit of a generational change too. I saw an interview awhile back where NASA engineers mentioned being drawn to NASA because they watched Star Trek and Star Wars in school. Now Firefly is 8 years old, and I would guess those at NASA in charge of the Twitter account are likely younger (since NASA isn't likely to put a senior aeronautics engineer in charge of tweeting). Who knows, maybe Firefly inspired some of them to join NASA.
This brings a smile to my face :)
I called Sonny and let him know. He was thrilled and his spirits were raised, which he really needed.

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