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November 07 2003

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab says, "Everybody else was getting ass! Where was mine?" One minor spoiler in this juicy "Steppin' Out" interview (with sexy pics). To read non-spoilery excerpts, click 'More.'

Be honest. Did you hate Sara for leaving the show when it was still so popular?

(Laughs) I didn't hate her that much! But if I wasn't working on "Angel" I might not of liked her so much.

So you would have blamed Sarah if your career abruptly came to a halt?

I don't know if I would have taken it just out on her! I definitely wouldn't have just gotten angry with Sarah. I just would have been angry in general.

"Buffy" never dropped in the ratings. I think everyone was shocked when Sara decided to end the show.

Yeah, I think the fans were the most disappointed out of everybody. Because it was just so abrupt. I was only 16 when we first started doing the show. I can barely remember that now! It's been such a big part of my life for so long.

You mentioned that when you play a bitch people think you're a bitch in real life. But what about when you play a vampire?
I think it's better to play a vampire then a bitch because being a vampire is so far from reality that it's easier for people to separate my character from real life. Obviously I'm not a vampire and obviously I don't have a big prosthetic on my head that makes my brow look all ferried.

Okay, now that "Buffy" is over what can you tell me something about the show that you wouldn't be able to tell me while you were still on it?

(Long pause) I just found this out. I had no idea while I was on the show that apparently there was a lot of sex going on during the filming of it back in the trailers and I didn't know anything about it!

Details please?

I don't know. Apparently some people on the show were hooking up off camera.

Who was hooking up with who?

I don't even know! I was talking to some reporter the other day. He was the one who told me. I couldn't believe it! How did all this just slide under my radar? Was I that oblivious?

So no booty call for you during "Buffy"?

No! Where was my booty call man! Everybody else was getting ass! Where was mine?

I think you know who was getting some action but you don't want to tell me.

I wish I did know! I would love to gossip about it, but I swear I don't know!

Does it piss you off that your fellow cast members were getting action and not you?

Totally! I feel like the ugly cousin. How come I don't get to know any of this juicy gossip? Why wasn't I apart of it?

Steve Seagal is notorious for his casting couch ways. Got any good stories on him?

I saw him when I was 15 years old on the lot at Paramount while I was walking with my mom. Steve Seagal walked by and started commenting about me to all his friends he was walking with. I was like, "I'm 15 and I'm with my mom dude!" He's really a pig. Even my mom said, "That's so classless! Doesn't he care that we're mother and daughter?" I mean I was only 15 years old! How gross is that!

Let's get back to "Angel". Do you feel the same chemistry on the set of "Angel" that you did on "Buffy"?

Oddly enough, I've worked with everyone on "Angel" before, except for two characters. So I've known them all for so long. I'm even working with James Marsters who plays Spike. He played my boyfriend on "Buffy" so it's great to be working with him again.

Wow...the interviewer really wanted Mercedes to hate Sarah.
That is quiet possibly the most annoying interview ever. What the hell is wrong with that interviewer? Are they like 9 years old or what?
Steppin' Out is a free entertainment newspaper publication that's distributed in the New York/New Jersey area. Chaunce Hayden runs it himself and calls into Howard Stern's radio show all the time, so that should give you an idea of what he and the paper are about. That being said, past Buffy celebs interviewed include Amber Benson and Clare Kramer.
Liked this (non-spoilery) quote too: Especially in L.A. where everyone is an actor and every girl is a model. I just don't like talking about what projects I'm working on because that's what everyone is doing and half of it is bullshit anyway. Sometimes I'll just make up stuff and say, "I sell sex toys!" just so I don't have to sound like everyone else!

Definitely not your typical interview.
Its an alright interview, how old is it? It doesnt mention the fact that she's becoming a regular in 2004.
Liked the pictures that werent screencaps though, I have to ask if anyone knows where I can get hi res versions of them!

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It doesnt mention the fact that she's becoming a regular in 2004.

I thought that was just a rumor. Do you have a link to ME confirmation? Last I heard, she was simply signed for 17 episodes.
On the 29th of October, TVTome said that EOnline has an interiew with her in which she says she's becoming a regular, I couldn't find any interviews with her on EOnline though. Wouldnt surprise me at all if true though, if she's in at least 17 episodes then there's only 2 more she won't be in. If Eve becomes a regular I will not be happy, BRING BACK LILAH!!
They've got high res copies of the pics over at I think they were actually taken from another mag.
Chaunce Hayden could be the worst interviewer of all time, but those pictures make loading that link worth the effort.
Well I must say that Mercedes handled herself well in the face of such ridiculous hammering on stupid questions. "So you hate Sarah? Like really really hate her? Could you like, kill her??"

The Steven Seagal bit was funny though, heh....

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