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February 12 2010

Olivia Williams at "The Ghost Writer" premiere. Pictures of the HBIC looking stunning.

HBIC reference for the win!
Wow, she really does look stunning!
Does she play Lenni?
I love HBICs!!!

I sadly mistook this for a remake of the delightfully bad 90s PBS program with the same name that taught me that reading/writing was cool.
She luuvely. Saw the trailer for the film and the premise is interesting (shades of sexed-up dossiers etc.) with a pretty decent cast all round (the lad McGregor's always good value, even if his accent sounded pretty dodgy in the short snippets from the trailer. Or maybe he's meant to be Scotsglish ;).
Don't you just love her look in the group picture right below her first two personal ones? Hm, I wonder what made her look in the other directions than the others are facing...
He's a ghost, and he writes to us...Ghostwriter.
Yes, I loved Ghostwriter! Even though I was already an adult at the time, I watched it regularly.
I see Ewan McGregor is playing the role of dour Scot in those photos and he's such a handsome lad. SMILE! Olivia, lovely as always. She looks like she'd be a lot of fun to hang out with. That's real cachet being in a Polanski film, take out all the oogly stuff about him recently. He is a fine director.

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